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Mike Tyson's rape conviction - was the jury racially-bias? Do you believe his si

  1. Perdu profile image32
    Perduposted 5 years ago

    Mike Tyson's rape conviction - was the jury racially-bias? Do you believe his side of the story?

    Did you ever wonder how far could Iron Mike Tyson go with his astonishing career had it not been to his 3 year jail sentence? Do you think Don King contributed in Mike's downfall? Was Tyson's rage the result of suppressed emotional battles he felt due to the death of his father figure Cus D'Amato?


  2. duffsmom profile image60
    duffsmomposted 5 years ago

    When the case originally came to light it was pretty shocking but the evidence on the side of the prosecution was pretty substantial.  Mike Tyson has admitted having a mood disorder, I believe BiPolar Disorder but I am not sure--it's been years since I have seen that interview.  Whether he is black or white, his behavior even before the rape conviction, was outrageous. 

    He is one he!! of a fighter, and nothing has taken that away from him. I think he is likely his own worst enemy.  We all lose parents and parental figures and we all don't go off the deep end over it in terms of acting out on other human beings. 

    Only Mike knows what he feels, but I do wonder what on earth made him bite Evander Holyfield's ear off!  That was just bizarre.

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      Perduposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      Thank you. When you say "whether he is black or white, his behavior even before the rape convict. was outrageous", do you think that's enough of a reason not to have a fair trial?
      My question refers to two things: trial, Don King in Mike's career.

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      duffsmomposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      My point was I don't think the trial was unfair, the evidence was substantial.  No, I do not believe Don King played a part in his downfall. Tyson is his own worst enemy.  Why do you think the trial was unfair?

  3. Perdu profile image32
    Perduposted 5 years ago

    Just a reminder, we all know about the incidents Mike has caused after his fall. Like that time when he chew on Holyfield's ear. This is not one of those questions, it does not invite to elaborate everything you read in some 7/11's magazine.

    I would like to ask boxing fans and sport enthusiasts from all over to go with me just a bit deeper so we can try to unveil the importance of the coach as a father figure in young athlete's life, as well as how important it is to be very careful about making careful steps when choosing your manager. 

    As duffsmom already mentioned (thank you for your comment), Mike admitted having a mood disorder; Do you see the connection here - when Cus was alive
    Mike's disorders were under control, keep in mind, you have to control a teenage heavy weight boxing prodigy! And Cus did it. It is my humble opinion that everything went downhill after his death. Mike was lost. Fragile young mind like that, introspective and shy the way he was, but very aggressive when felt hurt, he was a perfect catch for vultures of all sorts. When they told him that Cus died, they also explained to him that they should go to his bank to take the money from his account (around 100 000 dollars) to "take care of the funeral", he did it of course, but while at the bank, employees asked Mike's manager is everything ok with the kid because he was crying uncontrollably for almost an hour!

    All these things make me think that there must be much more about Mike Tyson then Evander's ear bite,(after 4 consecutive had butts but i still condemn him for it), 3 years jail sentence and cursing while talking to a TV host. His environment used him while he performed and there was not a single person next to him when he lost to Buster. Not to mention Robin Givens and her mom, poor souls, 70 million in less then a year, but that is a story for those 7/11 magazines i mentioned above, have a great day all of you, regardless of your religion, skin color of nationality!