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Has anybody casting the Amazing Spider-Man 2 ever read the comics or seen a cove

  1. Geekdom profile image94
    Geekdomposted 5 years ago

    Has anybody casting the Amazing Spider-Man 2 ever read the comics or seen a cover?

    I thought Jamie Foxx was a terrible choice to play Elecktro.  Now Paul Giamatti is in talks to play the Rhino.  Does anybody have any idea what they are thinking?

  2. Mr Deltoid 1966 profile image59
    Mr Deltoid 1966posted 5 years ago

    Sorry to say, they are thinking Jamie Foxx will sell tickets
    Giamatti......I dunno,  maybe a little indie cred?

  3. nuffsaidstan profile image82
    nuffsaidstanposted 5 years ago

    Got to agree they both seem like strange choices to me, to be honest i dont think Elecktro is the best choice of villain in the first place who next Mysterio or the Vulture? I know he was never that popular in the comic but i think the Chameleon could make a more realistic villain in a movie and as they always go away from cannon anyway why not a real psychopath like Cletus Cassidy ( Carnage ).

  4. Suraph profile image77
    Suraphposted 5 years ago

    I don't have any particular problem with Foxx playing Elektro as he's a fine actor and often acting chops can trump pure authenticity in cases like this.  It's not exactly canon, but it also doesn't really hurt the character in any way, and adding some diversity isn't a bad thing (though Hollywood might try adding diversity on the side of the heroes, rather than just as villains, sometime).  Some of that will depend on costume choices and how they decide to portray his powers, though.

    Giamatti as the Rhino is a serious mis-cast though.  No matter how you cut it Rhino is a bulky, brutish character with very little in the way of intellect, which is the polar opposite of what you tend to associate with Giamatti.  Props to the man for trying something out of his comfort zone, but I can't see how this will not be terrible unless they change the character into something that doesn't even resemble the Rhino.  The costume has to change no matter who they have wearing it, though.  It is one of the most absurd designs in all of comicdom.

  5. Stevennix2001 profile image90
    Stevennix2001posted 5 years ago

    I normally tend to value an actor that's capable of performing a role; versus someone that can't act for beans, but looks perfectly like the character.  Take Heath Ledger for instance, most people didn't think he could pull the joker character in "The Dark Knight."  Let alone top Jack Nicholson that played him previously before that.  And, look how that turned out.  He not only nailed the character, but he became the character himself. 

    Or if you want to take this further, we can go back to when Michael Keaton was cast to play Batman back in the 80's.  Nobody back then thought he could pull off batman.  Hell, there were even petitions from fans to get Batman recast, as many people did not like the idea of the guy who played "Mr. Mom" to be Batman, and this was all before the internet even got started.  Now, people to this day still argue that Keaton was the best Batman; even though I prefer Bale myself.  However, it's a personal preference; much like how everyone has their own preference on who they think the best James Bond was.

    As for the the casting of Paul Giamatti, I can see him pulling off the role, as he is a great character actor in ilk of how Heath Ledger was.  However, a lot of it really depends on how the character is written, and it's obvious they'll need to use CGI to make him look bigger as the Rhino obviously.  Although I think Jason Statham would be a better choice for Rhino, but that's just me. 

    As for Jamie Foxx playing Electro, I have no problems with that as long as he can nail down the character, then I could care less if he looks exactly like the original character.   As Heath and Keaton proved, it's all about the delivery of the character more so than the looks.  Take Shaquille O'Neal for instance, he looked EXACTLY like John Henry Irons aka Steel from the comics.  However, since Shaq is such a mediocre actor, he not only botched up the role, but it  was laughably pathetic to watch.  Would you really want an actor that looks EXACTLY like the character, but can't act for beans?

    Or would you rather have a character actor that may not look like the character exactly, but you know they would totally immerse themselves into that role?  Granted, it would be nice to have someone with both qualities, but if you could only choose one, then i think the choice should be very obvious.

  6. Tonyx35 profile image59
    Tonyx35posted 5 years ago

    I like how we're getting other Spider-Man villains aside from the ones that were in Sam Raimi's Trilogy. Jamie Foxx as Electro is really different. Can't say they're going for either the Amazing or Ultimate look for the character. I'm hopeful about his performance, have to see how the suit/powers will go. I think they could pull off a mix of practical/ CG effects for it.

    Paul Giamatti thing is a real surprse. Maybe the Costume/ Effects department  can figure something out for the Rhino costume. Possibly another CG heavy on screen character?  Get's transformed later into the film?

    Please don't end up going "Batman and Robin". Smarter: Poison Ivy, Dumber: Mr. Freeze .