Maximum how much you earn in a day on this site ?

  1. Coco Mathew profile image60
    Coco Mathewposted 3 years ago

    Maximum how much you earn in a day on this site ?

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    TheSocialGazetteposted 3 years ago

    Nothing as of yet, I just joined, although looking forward to becoming more of a contributing member.

  3. fpherj48 profile image77
    fpherj48posted 3 years ago

    Coco......I have been here nearly 4 years.  Never once have I discussed my earnings or even mentioned a NUMBER.  (unless we can count my first 24 cents that I shouted out excitedly.)
    IMHO, what a person makes anywhere they work is a personal, private issue, unless otherwise common knowledge.  Many civil servants, teachers, etc.  have no choice in the matter of public access to their salaries.
    I learned this at a very young age, as well as being a private person in general.
    I have close, friendly communication with numerous fellow-writers who apparently feel the same way I do.  We never discuss this topic with one another.  Of all the personal tidbits we share, "money/earnings" is not one of them.
    What each individual earns is all dependent upon that individual.  It relates directly to the quality and quantity of one's work, realistic expectations and marketing....amongst other things.
    Best of luck to you.