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Name a movie that starts with the letter J

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    Dblndgrl1948posted 2 years ago

    Name a movie that starts with the letter J

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    Er Seposted 2 years ago
  3. LoliHey profile image57
    LoliHeyposted 2 years ago

    Jawbreaker!  It was a crazy movie made back in the 90's starring Rose McGowen and Rebecca Gayheart.  I kind of liked it.

  4. iggy7117 profile image80
    iggy7117posted 2 years ago

    Just one of the guys
    Just go with it
    Joe Dirt

  5. fpherj48 profile image75
    fpherj48posted 2 years ago

    Jurrasic Park~Judge Dredd~Johnny Dangerously~ Jaws~Jagged Edge~Jumanji~Jumpin Jack Flash~Just Married~James the Giant Peach~ Jacob's Ladder...............

  6. Tusitala Tom profile image66
    Tusitala Tomposted 2 years ago

    Jane Austin
    Jesse James,

  7. Qmarpat profile image68
    Qmarpatposted 2 years ago

    Jaws, Jagged Edge, Jack and Jill, Jo Jo Dancer, your life is calling