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Marvel or DC?

  1. Asad Nadeem Khan profile image59
    Asad Nadeem Khanposted 15 months ago

    Marvel or DC?

  2. Larry Slawson profile image98
    Larry Slawsonposted 15 months ago

    I always preferred DC over Marvel (mostly because I have always been a huge fan of Batman).  Marvel comics are a bit over-the-top for me, in some ways -- too heroic and cheesy.  Whereas DC comics tend to be more dark and emotion-based.

  3. FatFreddysCat profile image98
    FatFreddysCatposted 15 months ago

    When I collected comics as a teen I'd say I liked them equally - my monthly "reading list" included a number of titles from both. (Batman was my favorite DC hero, and Spiderman was my fave from Marvel).

    Back then (late 80s) DC had the edge on film projects over Marvel, since DC was (and still is) owned by Warner Bros., who produced big budget "Batman" and "Superman" films while Marvel's film/TV stable consisted mainly of animated TV shows and a few low budget direct to video films of their characters.

    Years later, Marvel Studios has definitely pulled ahead of DC, who are now desperately trying to play catch-up with their own "cinematic universe."

    From what I've seen of DC's television series ("Arrow," "Flash," "Supergirl," etc.) they are doing a better job of connecting/interlocking with one another than the films are!

  4. asifahsankhan profile image61
    asifahsankhanposted 15 months ago


    Okay, so the infamous question. Who’s side are you on: Marvel or DC? 'I live in an amazing universe where Superheroes exist.' — Something I used to believe as a mere child. But hey, these Superheroes don't only bring us joy or countless hours of excitement but also drags us into the fandomination for life. To make things even better, since it's the Golden period of Superhero Movies, and every large to small character has a chance to shine, they are starting to come to life more and more.

    Marvel and DC. Just put a "Or" or a "VS" between the two legendary terms and you've got yourself a handful of everlasting argumentation. Over the years the debate has been widely discussed, some have valid points between stories and characters; others have just the desire and interests in the world they live in. For me personally, I am a Superhero fan until the end of time. Comics don't matter to me much. Sure, Marvel has more firepower and more awesome films. But my favorite superhero was always the one with no actual superpowers at all. Yes, it's Bruce Wayne, a.k.a. BATMAN.

    Marvel wins when we compare the two Cinematic Universe. However, the greatest Superhero film is undoubtedly, The Dark Knight. Agree? If you want me to be more specific then how's this: "The Numbers Talk"

    #DC Extended Universe – Total Box Office gross of all DC movies since 1978: £6.3 billion. Awesome right? (Although, DC’s Universe technically started with 2013’s Man of Steel)
    #Marvel Cinematic Universe – Total Box Office gross: £6.4 billion! And this is just since 2008!

    But still, nothing lacks with DC. You have Superman & Batman; And "The JOKER" — The Best Villain Ever! And the list goes on with a wide array of wonderful stories, and the DC Universe is not afraid to go dark (even TV!). I think people like me are more into that messed up Batman origin than any other. But then again, Marvel has the Wolverine. See? It's harder when you explain!
    However, for some reason, Marvel still doesn’t satisfy me as much as DC did. Maybe it’s because I grew up with DC. Watching DC cartoons more, have/had action figures (10,000+ total), Batmobiles to comics to now the movies. Obviously, I could relate to Bruce Wayne more. It's just one Superhero we're talking here but hey, he's the best one, without anything superficial. "A Hero Can Be Anyone!"

    So Seriously, Marvel or DC? WelI to put a smile on that face, it's 99 to 100. DC WINS! —This is what happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object.