Why everyone is unhappy in this world

  1. Abu Azam profile image59
    Abu Azamposted 10 months ago

    Why everyone is unhappy in this world

    Always I see that people are unhappy in their own way and I am trying to find the answer

  2. Sri T profile image80
    Sri Tposted 10 months ago

    Everyone carries their own mental state according to their thoughts and where they place their attention. In order to be happy, it takes awareness. Children are happy because they have very little pressure and very few problems. As adults, people see and understand a more serious world. In that case a strategy is necessary in order to be happy. There will be challenges every day at home, at work, in public, while driving. Anything can happen at any moment. Many have found the key to happiness to be detachment. Detach from negative thoughts, negative feelings, negative people and all negativity from the media. Control of thoughts, feelings and attention is the only way to happiness. A happy person is unburdened by the world and others moods and issues. Happiness and unhappiness is an individual's choice once they dissect the world and their own thoughts. They can either free themselves or go along with the pain and miseries of the world.

  3. nipster profile image75
    nipsterposted 10 months ago

    There are 3 main reasons why people are unhappy in this world.

    1. They do not know what they want.
    Society often has a set of parameters and pre-written goals for every human being. Examples of this would be:
    Pre-written goals                                         Parameters:
    Get a good job                                            Don't be a bum
    Get married                                                 Don't sleep with several women
    Buy new houses, cars, etc,                          Don't keep old things

    These things are set up so that society is kept in order. People must all be easily manipulated and kept in a predicatable pattern. The school system teaches you regular curriculum. You don't learn about yourself you just learn what the elite members of society want you to learn so, you can't make yourself happy because you don't even know what makes you happy.

    2. They are too afraid to go after what they want
    Now, let's just assume you have figured out what makes you happy. Everyone is a little bit different and you are bound to enjoy somethings that are taboo or at the very least frowned upon in your culture.

    So then you have the choice of going to left where every dislikes you but you do what you please or the right where you everyone appreciates you but, you don't like your own life and there's nothing to be happy about.

    So then do you do you go to the left where nothing is right or to right where nothing is left? Find a middle ground.

    3. They feel inadequate to acheive what they want.
    Death, disability, divorce, sickness, war, bad economy,

    These are all things that we can't control( or at the very least we haven't found a way to control) People face these things and it steals their joy because they don't know how to solve it.