Kamran pasha uses the last Jedi to teach about bad screenwriting

  1. Stevennix2001 profile image88
    Stevennix2001posted 16 months ago

    https://boundingintocomics.com/2019/12/ … enwriting/

    When I initially made another thread asking whether or not star wars was dying many of you accused me of being immature just for merely wanting to start a conversation on it which i found to be absurd considering the thread was only made to have a civilized discussion about the topic at hand but some of you took that as an opportunity to say "they're not religious texts.  They're just movies geez!".  Implying that I hold star wars in that high regard.   As I said before I know they're just movies.   However I don't see why it's wrong for fans like me and others to be passionate about them though as that's what drives a story to be timeless and it's also what keeps the economy going as well.   If you like a big blockbuster then chances are your going to rave about it to your friends, who may end up seeing the movie because of your endorsement of it, and you'll probably end up buying the merchandise related to that movie to show your support.   

    However are there fans that take things too far?  Yes obviously but you can say that about any fandom having a few nutcases.   And as I always tell people it's great to be passionate about a movie as long as you understand it's just a movie at the end of the day and that you don't allow it to affect your life or the lives of others around you in a negative way. Nor should it lead to cyberbullying of others.   Heck I wrote a hub calling out both haters and fans of twilight once telling fans in particular that while I think it's great they're passionate about twilight, they should still respect others opinions and not take it too seriously.

    However I do think it's wrong for most fans of the new star wars trilogy to paint a broad brush on people who don't like it and automatically assume anyone who doesn't like it is immature as that's just wrong.   I also think it's wrong for people like Rian Johnson, Tim Miller and others to label anyone who doesn't like a movie they're involved in to be sexist racist misogynistic toxic manbabies.   But hey if I say anything against them you all will say I'm immature right?   

    Anyways kamran pasha has ties with Disney as well as he was one of the producers for "Tron uprising" and he currently speaks at a few college seminars at Columbia, University of Chicago and others to teach aspiring filmmakers how to write a script as he often used the original star wars trilogy as an example of how to tell a good story on the big screen.  However he's recently come out and claims he's been using the last Jedi movie to teach aspiring filmmakers how NOT to write a script.   Citing it's various flaws and how the last Jedi was devoid of any emotion.   

    As I said before, I personally didn't like the last Jedi, but I would never condemn anyone for liking it.   Heck I have a few friends that like the new star wars films yet I would never condemn them for liking it.   

    Heck to be honest I wish all movies even bad ones could have their own plethora of fans because truth be told being the film guru that I am I know it's a lot of work to make a movie even when it's a bad one.   Any filmmaker will attest to that which is why I'm happy whenever I see someone like another friend of mine admit she liked the new Charlie's angels movie because at least I know the efforts behind the film weren't in vain because at least a few people like her liked it.   

    Sure I may not like the last Jedi and may criticize the film in a future review but I would never condemn anyone for liking it though and neither should anyone.   However that works both ways as well.  Even if your someone who liked the last Jedi then it doesn't give you the right to automatically assume anyone who doesn't like it is immature because they may have their own valid reasons for not liking it.   Would you call kamran pasha immature?    And if not then why someone like me or anyone else for simply saying they respectfully didn't like a movie you liked?    Food for thought.


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