Media wants Marvel Comics and Disney to cancel Punisher permanently

  1. Stevennix2001 profile image86
    Stevennix2001posted 12 months ago
    As some of you know, Frank Castle aka the Punisher is a comic book anti hero who's been in Marvel Comics for several decades now.  He's essentially an ex war veteran, whom has the misfortune of having his family murdered by organized crime in front of him one day.  His family wasn't targeted by the mob, but they were just innocent bystanders that happened to be caught in the crossfire; hence Frank Castle becomes the Punisher.  Where he feels since his family was killed randomly by organized crime, then he shall randomly punish anyone who chooses to partake in crime. He's mostly known for using his trademark guns all the freaking time to shoot people in the comics.  Although in more "kid friendly" iterations, he uses ray guns, but still.   The character also spawned a few movies that ranged from decent to downright mediocre.  And the character was recently featured on Netflix for awhile, as many felt the Netflix iteration was arguably the best iteration of Punisher to date. 

    The character was also featured in various other TV shows for cameos like the 90's Spider-Man cartoon that was on Fox Kids for awhile.   And most recently, he was in other live action TV show appearances like the crossover he did with Netflix's Daredevil.   

    Needless to say, Punisher has been something of a controversial figure, and honestly I'm surprised he's lasted this long considering we're living in a society where Elmer Fudd is no longer allowed to use a gun against Bugs Bunny, in the new Looney Tunes  cartoons.   And how there's so much controversy around gun laws these days.  However, he's still around, but he may not be for long. 

    As many of you actually do know, there was a riot on capital hill the other day, which lead to the death of a couple of people if I'm not mistaken.  One of them was an ex military veteran named Ashli Babbitt, who was shot during such an incident.   Anyways, one of the people who raided the white house was wearing Punisher's iconic skull logo during the incident.  There's even some articles that's gone into detail about how there's been several instance of proud boys members donning the iconic punisher logo. Uh yeah.... I just want to throw it out there that I've seen a lot of LIBERALS wear Punisher t-shirts in the past too.  Just throwing that out there.   

    And because one of the alleged proud boys was wearing said logo, various media outlets are now associating the Punisher with white supremacy and the proud boys.   Thank god he wasn't wearing a Spider-Man logo or Superman logo, or else I would've been pissed.   

    Not because he would be wearing it per say, as I don't give a shit what people wear in public, but more or less because I don't want those characters to be cancelled just because some asshole decides to break into the white house wearing their logo...just like what's going on with Punisher now....

    Marvel Studios and Disney have yet to comment on the situation, but various members of the media are now demanding the Punisher be cancelled; citing how white supremacists and Trump supporters have made Punisher a symbol for white nationalism, and how it should be stopped.  Again, I've seen liberals and various minorities that were also Punisher fans, but let's forget about them right?   

    What are your thoughts about this?  Should Disney and Marvel cave into these demands and retire the Punisher character once and for all?  Or do you think these people need to grow up and stop associating a fictional character with acts of violence simply because one of the people doing the violence happens to be a fan of them?  Please discuss. 

    Edit: here's an article link to know more: … pitol-riot

    1. Live to Learn profile image76
      Live to Learnposted 12 months agoin reply to this

      It wasn't long ago when we would have assumed something like this came from The Onion.

      It's a strange new world.


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