Lost - Series Finale

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  1. vanchen profile image68
    vanchenposted 13 years ago

    Haven't seen a topic about this yet.  On Sunday Lost is coming to an end with a two and half hour series finale.  ABC is calling it the television event of the decade - which i think is a bit of an overstatement.

    Do we have any Lost fans on here? And if so what are your guys thoughts on the season so far, and the upcoming finale?

    1. IzzyM profile image87
      IzzyMposted 13 years agoin reply to this

      I'm a Lost fan! But pleae don't tell me what happened in the second to last episode as I have just downloaded it and haven't had a chance to watch it yet.
      Last one I saw was about the twins...
      which didn't really explain a lot - posed more questions than it answered.

  2. ediggity profile image60
    ediggityposted 13 years ago

    I think it sucks.  They always stop the good shows.  Don't get me wrong, I want to see what happens, but I could have used a few more seasons.  I think everything gets destroyed.  Totally wiped out.

    1. vanchen profile image68
      vanchenposted 13 years agoin reply to this

      They originally were supposed to have eight or nine seasons, which would explain why some of this season felt very contrived and forced.

      1. ediggity profile image60
        ediggityposted 13 years agoin reply to this

        No kidding, just when you think things can't get anymore whacked out they go and throw Flash sideways and all that crazy stuff in.  Jack keeps bleeding all over, is the smoke dude good or bad?  I am truly LOST...

  3. profile image0
    china manposted 13 years ago

    My Chinese partner is completely hooked on it!  we have it on cd and she has gone through the first series three episodes at a sitting ! we are half way through the second series and have the next cd coming.

    Chinese love any mystery, detective style stuff to disentangle - and she drives me insane by pausing it every so often to discuss what will happen next while I gently fume in  a western way as to why she doesn't just watch it happen!

    1. vanchen profile image68
      vanchenposted 13 years agoin reply to this

      haha i love it...  the only good thing is Lost is the one show where stopping and thinking about the mystery from time to time is good thing.  It's a very complex show, for sure.

  4. profile image0
    Justine76posted 13 years ago

    never seen it, but when it first started, My Mother in law thought it was real. I asked her "if they were REALLY lost, who was taping it?" she didn't talk to me for  while...

  5. elayne001 profile image82
    elayne001posted 13 years ago

    I totally get Lost in Lost but I love it anyways. I am sad it is gonna finish this week, but I am excited to see how they pull it altogether (if they do!). I live in Hawaii so I see where they film much of it and even get a glance at a few actors now and then. I wrote about 2010 sightings here:

    http://hubpages.com/hub/Lost-Actors-on- … n-Premiere

    I'll tell you what I think after it is all over. Aloha!

  6. CrystalStarWoman profile image60
    CrystalStarWomanposted 13 years ago

    I can't wait to see the Lost finale - unfortunately for us in the UK that means watching at 5 o/clock in the morning!

    I shall make sure my alarm is set - after 6 years there's no way I'm going to miss it!

  7. jobister profile image60
    jobisterposted 13 years ago

    So its Monday now, and I know I'm not the only one who feels sadden by the fact there is nothing to look forward on Tuesdays. This show will definitely be missed. I am going to get the DVD set just so I can reminisce.

  8. IzzyM profile image87
    IzzyMposted 13 years ago

    I still haven't seen the final episode, but I'll maybe be able to download it tomorrow - not that I'm all that excited - everyone says it leaves more questions than answers which means to me there'll probably be another series in spite of all the hype.

    Thought it funny on the news today, to see the thousands of Spanish fans that got up early to go along to public showings of Lost on special big screen viewings in bars and clubs...at 6am!

    1. vanchen profile image68
      vanchenposted 13 years agoin reply to this

      I wish I had that kind of Lost party where i live.  That would have been a great experience.

    2. jobister profile image60
      jobisterposted 13 years agoin reply to this

      Not surprised, people rented out theaters just to do a public showing for a TV show. I am a fan of the show but no way am I going to not watch it on my couch. Its not worth the hassle of standing in line and listening to "others" whispering while I am concentrating on the show.

      Ending was appropriate to the show and I don't think it could've had a more logical ending.

  9. vanchen profile image68
    vanchenposted 13 years ago

    A little bit of withdrawal today for sure.  Was a great show and we will probably never have anything quite like it on t.v again.

    Thought the finale was the perfect way to wrap it all up.  They didn't have the time - and probably the answers - to get to all the questions, so to do what they did was just as breathtaking.

  10. Amanda108 profile image88
    Amanda108posted 13 years ago

    It was an amazing and unique show with a perfectly beautiful ending that really drove it home that the mysteries weren't the point of the series. I'll miss it so much!

  11. donotfear profile image84
    donotfearposted 13 years ago

    It was a wonderful ending to the story to see all reunited with their loved ones. But I felt a bit sad. The characters we grew to know and love were all, really, dead. Maybe I didn't "get it". But 'pergatory'?  That's way out there.....

    1. vanchen profile image68
      vanchenposted 13 years agoin reply to this

      the whole show wasn't just purgatory, just the sideways flashes that they had in season six.  Everything that happened on the island DID happen.

      The Losties created the other world as a 'waiting' room as sorts, so that  when they all died - at different times - they would have to place to meet and move on together.

      It why Kate told jack:  "I missed you so much."
      and why Hurley told Ben:  "You were a great number two."

    2. jobister profile image60
      jobisterposted 13 years agoin reply to this

      I agree that it was a bit sad to know that they all died. But what Christian said was they didn't all die on the island therefore they are not really in the present. They were just waiting for a reunion so they could all move on together as friends.

      1. donotfear profile image84
        donotfearposted 13 years agoin reply to this

        What? Then when did they die? I don't get it. I missed some of the last show, but I still think I'm 'Lost'......

  12. vanchen profile image68
    vanchenposted 13 years ago

    some died long before jack - like Jin, Sun and Sayid on the Island - and some died long after from natural causes or whatever.  The end was a place where they could all meet and move on together - when they were all ready.


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