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    Power95posted 7 years ago

    This subject could be written by, at least, 2 million actors.  I prefer film to the stage.  I've been acting for thirteen years.  I have had several opportuites as a background actor.  Non professionals refer to it as Extras.  The business does not.

    I was on The Sopranos for one of their segments of their second season. I think the second installment of that season was with my gang of actors at the Garden State Mall in Paramus, NJ.  I was given the assignment by the Wilesly Casting Co. in New York City.

    I've done two feature films as a background actor with one of them giving me six words to say.

    Hurray, I was the star of the commercial in an Italian restaurant advertisement.  Just like being in college you need a bushel of money to get anywhere in this capacity.

    Unfortunately, I'm have a family and I'm not able to take a $300 course.  The only education I pay for are college courses.

    It's much easier to get somewhere when using the connections of an acting school.

    When you're a background performer and you've been given an assignment with a large group of the same type of actors; they don't care if you even get to the shoot.  That was the way it was with The Sopranos.  I'm natural at acting and much older then the crew.  I'm very happy that I didn't do it when I was younger.  It works against your ability to eat.  No work no money.  What an old story.

    I recently was in a group with an actor that worked with all the big name stars.  He advised that he didn't make it because of himself.  He didn't stick with it.  Now he's teaching an expensive course on depression.

    I keep sending out my head shots.  The only thing I'm glad about is now most of my head shots go on line.

    Where is all that money I need?

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    tjhooperposted 7 years ago

    never tried acting, but I've been a musician for a while. I've been playing live about 4 years now, and I can tell you it is really hard to get anywhere with the entertainment industries.

    I'm in noooo means famous and barely made sales with itunes, but I have had my fan base, and the shows I regularly played.

    Keep at it though, I know with enough patience and focus, anything can be accomplished