Levi Johnston's New Show + Custody Arrangements

  1. Mighty Mom profile image87
    Mighty Momposted 7 years ago

    Good for Levi Johnston for parlaying his association with Sarah Palin's daughter into a career for himself.
    I have no beef with him, really.
    I guess he plans on a future in Wasilla politics, too.
    His TV show is titled "Loving Levi: The Road to the Mayor's Office." According to AP he plans to run as a conservative democrat.

    Hmmm. I wonder how much that declaration played into Bristol's cancelling of their re-engagement?
    Do I detect the heavy hand of Mama Palin here?
    Let's see.
    Here's the custody arrangement Johnston and Palin (not sure if the article means Sarah or Bristol:-) have agreed to:
    1. Bristol gets primary physical custody of their baby and Levi gets visitation 2 days a week - Wed and Sat. How generous.
    They will share legal custody, but in the event they can't agree on something,Bristol gets to decide.
    On top of that, Johnston gets to pay child support, based on projected earnings of $72,000 per year.
    Not sure if that figure is the salary of the Wasilla mayor or exactly where they got it. Doesn't seem like nearly enough for a TV show star.

    What do you think of Levi Johnston? Should he and Bristol elope?

  2. Megavitamin profile image77
    Megavitaminposted 7 years ago

    Levi Johnston is a lost little boy.  He is definitely not ready to be anybody's husband.  I think he's gotten a taste of "fame" and is willing to sacrifice his family to extend his 15 minutes.

    His run for mayor is total crap.  He only chose to run when it was pitched to him by a reality show producer.  The people of Wasilla are (hopefully) smart enough to ignore his antics.

  3. Pandoras Box profile image69
    Pandoras Boxposted 7 years ago

    Opportunism and lack of substance are Palin traits. He should go ahead and marry into the family.