The Case for and against Best Picture Nominations

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    Michael24posted 6 years ago

    127 Hours
    Why it will win: Everyone seems to love triumph over adversity.
    Why it won’t win: Everyone seems baffled by why it was nominated in the first place.

    Black Swan
    Why it will win: It’s the perfect time for Darren Aronofsky to get his due.
    Why it won’t win: Many people have walked out at the end scratching their heads.

    The Fighter
    Why it will win: The academy seems to be in love with boxing movies.
    Why it won’t win: It basically every other boxing movie

    Why it will win: Eventually Christopher Nolan will get credit for being a visionary.
    Why it won’t win: Christopher Nolan and Academy Voters continue the carrot and the stick method

    The Kids are All Right
    Why it will win: Hollywood would like to apologize for Brokeback Mountain not winning Best Picture
    Why it wont win: It will be seen as Hollywood thumbing it’s nose in social issues again

    The King’s Speech
    Why it will win: Everybody seems to love films about royalty
    Why it wont win: One film: The Social Network

    The Social Network
    Why it will win: Nerds are about to get their due
    Why it wont win: One Film: The King’s Speech

    Toy Story 3
    Why it will win: Eventually an animated picture will win best picture
    Why it won’t win: There’s a reason why they have Best Animated Feature

    True Grit
    Why it will win: The Coen Brother’s have made their stamp on this film with ease
    Why it wont win: They already won for No Country for Old Men. Also John Wayne shadow is larger.

    Winter’s Bone
    Why its will win: It’s the film festival favorite
    Why it wont win: Besides Academy Voters who have seen this film.