What's your favorite cartoon that you can relate to reality?

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    talfonsoposted 6 years ago

    Tell me what is your favorite cartoon series, episode, or short (no animated films, but shows based on them are OK) that you can readily relate to something in real life. There's no limit to your answer!

    *spoiler alert*

    Mine's a Tex Avery short named Symphony in Slang, which is about a man named John Brown who tells his life story in Heaven to St. Peter and Noah Webster almost completely in figurative language. The latter two characters imagine what he says in literal terms. The man tells them that his cause of death was literally laughter.

    It's my favorite cartoon because I can relate St. Peter and Noah Webster to a lot of autistic children. They think in literal terms, just like them, thus they find it so hard to interpret figurative language.

    What cartoons can you relate to real life?