tale of four

  1. mbbs profile image58
    mbbsposted 7 years ago

    A dissection room—complete stillness covering whole room---a dim light with darkness in all corners. Only four students present in the room. 
                                    Actually Satish , Ramen, Koustav & Anirban -------are very irregular & inattentive students in the class. They have very little knowledge about practical in the final exam. Of 1st PROFESSIONAL M.B.B.S. So they managed Kaluda to help them before exam. Kaluda at last managed & offered them a dead body but with the condition that the whole process should be terminated by night because hon’ble Head of the Department, Prof. ADITYA KUMAR DASGUPTA is a very hard man to crack! If he can know that these four students who hardly attended the class ‘like  FIGFLOWERS or SCATTERED RAIN IN THE DREARY DESERT’ are helped by such an illegal manner, he’ll certainly kick on Kalu’s buttock & get that dead-drunk out of the margin of his deptt. Of course, the ultimate fate of these four guys will not be like prince.
               Ultimately, they start their work with absolutely dauntless heart.
    --------Satish, please take out your forcep & point out the muscles what I am reading.     Says Anirban.
    --------Me! I cann’t do.
    --------ok, I can try alittle.         Says Koustav.
    --------First we consider inferior extremity. These muscles are gastrecnomeus, soleus,…..
    --------O-O M—Y G-O-D!, Koustav cries out as if Mr. A. Dasgupta is coming to him with his muscular hand to ‘drop it’ on his soft chick.
    ---------What happened! Why’re you shouting, non-sense.  Says Satish.
    ---------Hey, do you see day-dream?  Says Anirban.
    ---------T-h-i-s  b-o-d-y  i-s  m-o-v-i-n-g!
    --------What! Are you joking?      Says Ramen.
    ------ --S-e-e it’s leg.
    -----------Hello guys, how are you? The dead body now raises its body on its bed.
    ----------O-Wo—who are you?
    ----------You don’t recognise me!  Says the ghost.
    ----------I am Subrata.I was also a medical student like you,so don’t be panic.
    ---------Medical student! O, just let me recapitulate.9 months ago,I heard about the shocking news that a medical student committed suicide jumping from the hostel balcony in BMC.   Says Koustav.
    ---------That’s right!
    --------But why did you kill yourself?  Says Satish.
    The dead body sighs.
    ---------I know I made a wrong decision. But I had no other way.I was becoming alone in this world!
    ---------My parents are also great doctors. They dream their son must’ve ability to be a good doctor like them. But I wanted to be an artist. It was my dream.
                               Unfortunately,I got a good rank in JOINT ENTRANCE EXAM.My parents enforced me to go to medical college.
    ---------You didn’t convince them about your dream!!  Says Ramen.
    ---------Yes,I did but failed.
    ---------What happened next?    Says Koustav.
    ---------Then I fell in great trouble. I got poor marks in ANATOMY, PHYSIOLOGY & BIOCHEMISTRY in 1st Prof. I seemed my friends probably tried to avoid me. I got no value in my life. All days were coming with bitter experience.So atlast I decided that I must quit!
    After a short-stop, it started again.
    ---------But, don’t be fool like me. I know you all like this profession. So, start now!
    --------Start what!!!   Says Anirban.
    ---------Start your study!
    The boys still hesitate to touch the body.Satish comes first, take the forceps & start---------------------------------- these muscles are biceps,deltoid, and this one.....!
    -------------This one is brachiocephalis.    The ghost completes.
    ------------O yes! Anirban, now read the origin, insertions ,functions of these muscles loudly from the textbook.
                            The exam completes.Results are stuck to the notice-board.Only 4 boys get honours marks in ANATOMY.They are----SATISH, RAMEN, KOUSTAV & ANIRBAN.(Mr. AKD probably didn’t experience such astonishing event in his 30 years teaching experience.)

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      lorlie6posted 7 years agoin reply to this

      Umm, what?

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        mbbsposted 7 years agoin reply to this



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