Halle Berry is Engaged to Olivier Martinez!

  1. Cassie Smith profile image70
    Cassie Smithposted 6 years ago

    Halle picks the hottest guys to take to the altar but can't seem to hold on to him afterwards.  Will it be a longer or shorter marriage than Kim K's?

    1. Marla Rose profile image75
      Marla Roseposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      Your right!  Halle always seems to pick the hottest hunks to hook up with!  Then afterwards, I don't know what goes wrong.  I thought Gabriel Aubry, the father of her daughter, Nahla were going to be together forever!  At least it looked that way to me!  He is such a hottie, he just takes my breath away!  Oh so handsome!  I see why their daughter is so beautiful.  Bless her! 

      I believe this is the one for Halle!  She has finally found her match.  The man of her dreams.  The man of the hour.  One of my favorite all time hotties!  Olivier Martinez just knocks me out everytime I see him in a movie or magazine!  And of my god, what about when Olivier played in "Unfaithful" with actress Diane Lane and my all time favorite actor, Richard Gere!  I tell you, hmm, hmm, hmm.  Talk about fine, sexy, hot and all the above.  Lord, I wish Halle and Olivier the best in life and may their union last forever!  Halle knew what she was doing when she hooked up with this one!  Trust me on that!  I also predict that she and Olivier will have kids.  I say two more kids for Halle Berry.  And if not two more then she will definitely have one child from Olivier.

      What a great topic you chose to talk about!  Were on the same page Cassie.   I have been watching this union between these two for a while!

  2. vmartinezwilson profile image87
    vmartinezwilsonposted 6 years ago

    What's odd is that she originally said that she left Gabriel (her baby daddy), because she said she didn't want to get married.