Teen Pregnancy

  1. alikilty92 profile image61
    alikilty92posted 5 years ago

    Has teen pregnancy become glamorized by television? Let me know what you think!

    1. dinkan53 profile image78
      dinkan53posted 5 years agoin reply to this

      Teen mothers are globally one of the biggest problems in our society. The risk of pregnancy among teenagers is largely increasing.  Youth Development is one key factor to reduce this. One of the causes of early pregnancy among teenagers are lack of education especially sexual education. If it is done through a proper manner through the medias, it is a good thing I think.

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        independentmindedposted 5 years agoin reply to this

        I agree that teen pregnancy is a huge problem in our society, and what I find most troubling is the fact that, in the past 40 some odd years, our society seems have encouraged it almost to the point of condoning it, which is not a good thing, imo. 

        It's true that the vast majority of teenage girls who end up that way don't come from backgrounds where an interest in any kind of an education thrives, or they come from households where that's a pattern.  Sex education, and more educational and/or training opportunities, generally for teens is a good start, but it's not a be all end all, if one gets the drift.  There's going to have to be a drastic change in the very structure of our society in order for teenage pregnancy to be discouraged. 

        When the movie "Juno" came out, and I saw the previews for it in a movie theatre, I immediately decided that "Juno" would be on my "don't see" movie list, because it seems to glorify and satire teenage pregnancy, which I also find somewhat troubling.