Who's Your Favourite Witch on The Secret Circle?

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    johnnymnemonicposted 5 years ago

    a. Cassie Blake (played by Britt Robertson - top left) - newcomer to Chance Harbor and fresh member of the Circle, this little blonde has quickly mesmerized pretty much every guy on the show with her mysterious sex appeal, including the leading guy Adam. Her new emanating dark powers have doubled up her charisma, intimidating her once bossy female peers while making her even more unique and peerless in Adam's eyes..

    b. Melissa Glaser (played by Jessica Parker Kennedy - top right) - this mignon brunette is definitely the overlooked jewel on the show. Loyal sidekick to first Faye then Diana, Melissa makes up for her passivity by impressive acts of diplomacy. She didn't have to wait too long to get a little high on Devil's Spirit (sort of marijuana for witches) -- a foggy glance or two at the cool dealer and a little melting talk ("You look a lot like my old boyfriend" -- Really?!!) have just sufficed. This witty, playful, inviting trickster is a formidable alternative to her rather bossy & pretentious sisters.

    c. Faye Chamberlain (played by Phoebe Tonkin - bottom left) - a reckless and selfish persona, Faye is the renegade witch in the Circle. Beneath the good girl mask lies a seductive viper who will easily manipulate others in order to get what she wants -- a guy, more fun or more power. She makes perfect use of her physical charms when need arises, though the bad girl's methods usually end up with the bad guys exploiting her in return. Nonetheless, this lady is a killer and a foe to always handle with caution..

    d. Diana Meade (played by Shelley Hennig - bottom right) - an elegant beauty & longtime girlfriend of Adam, Diana's the one standing for reason and righteousness among the girls (Adam's the same among the guys). Though this facet of her personality seems to have been the primary reason for her long companionship with Adam (aside her beauty), she couldn't hold her ground any much longer since Cassie took centre stage in the Circle..


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      Lauryallanposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      Waw I take it this question is only targeted towards guys then, since you never really talked about the male witches or the parents or grandparents who are also witches.

      I think my favorite witch is actually Diana's dad, Charles Meade. He's dark and broody, when he's evil, and the good guy next door, when he's being a normal dad.

      I would say my 2nd fave witch is John Blackwell. He's got lots of layers to him. I want to find out what he really did 16 years ago that caused such a rift in his circle? Also, why Cassie's mum left town and who else can lay daddy claims at his doorstep? On top of that, he was able to manipulate Cassie's grandmother into telling her about the curse, that doesn't really exist, and he's lying to the kids to get all the crystals together.

      I went into the Secret Circle thinking it would be like The Craft and that I would love the youngsters. However, each week I watch I find the adults more intriguing and the kids are just running around like clueless chickens, clucking in whichever direction seems right at the moment.

      Hopefully the show will get an opportunity to grow and for the kids to actually properly learn magic. You never see the adults making the lame rhymes when it comes to spell making.

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    daisyf1305posted 5 years ago

    You know for me it changed I thought Cassie was awesome but now I like Melissa. She's neither too innocent or too much she's neutral mysterious even. I find that interesting to see where her character is heading.