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In the Jaws of Paranoia

Updated on June 14, 2018
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Kim has many hubs on entertainment especially movies, and actors. she wrote for Squidoo and now has her own blog

Just when you thought it was safe to go in the water

Jaws can be found at 1;40

A Lasting impression

I was introduced to the movie at a fairly young age. I think I was 5 or 6, but it wasn't the whole movie I saw. Dad was on the couch and said "Kim come here you have to see this"...(which was toward the end of the movie so SPOILER alert Just in time to see 'Bruce (or was it Butch they named it) come up out of the water and chomp down on Quinn. Spoiler Off

My mother was in the doorway with a hand over her eyes saying 'She's going to have nightmares'. Nope that never happened, however the first time I remember going to the beach, while I was in ankle deep water the first words there were "Are there sharks in this water?" the answer I got was "Maybe out where the boats are" Which in later years I learned Bull & Tiger sharks do come into shallow water.

As for what I think of the movie; thanks to dad I'm a horror nut! I'm always looking for a movie to scare me, gross me out or give me the willies. Have any movies succeeded? Some there's a certain demon in Insidious that gives me the willies, I've scared my own self with Nightmare on Elm Street & the darn pin up that was in my room, then there's the hyper alertness I got after seeing the first 2 Final Destination Movies in the theater.

Jaws scared a generation out of the water with just the theme song alone.

Now, I'm not sure about this but I would have to say it started a version of water tag. My family when we'd gather at my aunt's pool for our cousins' party, my cousins and I would play 'Shark' aka Water tag. Who ever was it had to make the dorsal fin with one of their hands & put it on top of their head so we knew they were it. The rest of us had to keep away but you had to stay in the water.

Jaws has definitely made a lasting impression on me. When I got a boogie board, I got the one with the Flames, Tribal & Yes, Sharks motif. I can be very paranoid in the water I freak at the slightest touch of anything on my feet or legs under water.

I'm not just skittish that it may be a shark being curious, but I think I'm more freaked about getting tangled up with a jellyfish (where are the horror movies about those?)

Jaws on the water 2016

Jaws Galley

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Happy 40th anniversary

Jaws [Blu-ray]
Jaws [Blu-ray]

The original trailer that started it all, and the theme that sent chills through an entire generation (even their offspring) every time they saw water.

Based on what is supposed to be true events, a shark terrorizes Amity Island, a sheriff who is afraid of the water and a mayor who refuses to believe a shark is around and refuses to close the beach.(Did they ever show or mention why Brody was afraid of the water? I do remember on the Orca he lifts his shirt, but not sure if they show any scar or anything.)

I must say You know you've watched this movie one too many times when everytime you see a boat or a shark movie you start singing "I'm tired and I want to go Home....." either that or you are drunk like they were! That whole segment (with the scars to the singing) is one of my favorite parts of the movie.

I still watch the movie (or what's left of it) anytime its on. They don't make them like this anymore. These days they try to force suspense or humor and scares. Jaws makes it all feels natural. Its rare that any movie keeps me feeling its effects years later. This was one of those (see the opening story as well as the first 2 Final Destination movies. I was hyper alert leaving those and when Tom Cruise's War of the Worlds was out, I got a visual creep out when I was leaving as for some reason the parking lot's street lamps had some red lights in them!

I hope there will always be copies of this movie hundreds and even thousands of years from now. This is how you make a suspenseful horror movie, with pacing and tone.

To this day when I see Roy Scheider(RIP) on screen, I nearly scream Sheriff Brody! As if he's a family member I have not seen in years.

A few Facts

The shark's name (I never remember right) was either named Bruce or Butch.

a fact I just found out in June 2016 was Montauk was used as Amity Island.


Jaws 2


Jaws 2

The Shark is back (or should I say at least it's significant other or baby ) and seems to want the sheriff's grown son Michael.After seeing another shark Sheriff Brody loses his job and tells Michael not to go in the water. The whole gang goes out for a trip on the water along with Michael's little brother, in their sail boats.

Raft of the Medusa: The Untold Story of Jaws 2

Jaws 3-D


Not sure if this is fan made or an official one


Jaws 3-D

This is the one with the underwater attraction at a amusement park. And the moral of the story? Stay away from banana boats and underwater attractions!

I want to know however, why was it always the 3rd movie to be made to 3D? yeah it fits in with the title and all, but it makes it a gimmick when used in this fashion. Did it take away from the story? I don't think it did, was the story good....well I prefer the first two movies, to me those are the ones that have the best re-watch ability rating. The 3rd movie for me, yeah I liked the setting and all, but it still doesn't have the suspense and terror the original and sequel had.

Jaws the revenge

Jaws the Revenge

Unlike the first & even the 2nd.. Jaws 3-D as well as this one were not well met.

Here Michael and Family are living in the Bahamas (or is it Jamaica? I forget what exotic location but the beautiful blue sea is still nice to watch) when Michael's brother is found dead. After visiting with the mother, she comes to see them at home.

The mother seems to be paranoid that the shark is a family curse of some sort and is following them.

Find Jaws items with this Amazon search

Which movie was your fave?

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Behind the scenes with the shark named Bruce


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