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It should have been Duckie!

Updated on December 30, 2010

Would you have picked Duckie or Blane? For me it's a no-brainer!

Did you ever see the John Hughes movie Pretty in Pink? If so, how did you find the ending? Did it feel like there was something amiss? I always thought that Andie (Molly Ringwald) should've chosen Duckie (Jon Cryer) in the end, after all he was there for her all the time -- especially when Blane (Andrew McCarthy), the guy she ended up choosing, did not stand up for her in front of his rich, snobby friend Steff and the rest of the billionaire boys & girls club. What was that all about?

Well, the truth is what we saw was not the original ending. Prince Charming should've been Duckie like we knew in our hearts all along.

I actually liked Pretty in Pink the first time I saw it in the 80s, even though I felt bad for Duckie at the end of the movie. Learning the truth a couple of decades later stirred up that feeling again. Read on and I'll show you why I, and a lot of other movie fans, think Duckie deserved a chance.

Blane or Duckie -- who's it gonna be?

Blane or Duckie -- who's it gonna be?
Blane or Duckie -- who's it gonna be?

Cast your votes here.

Who did you want Andie to end up with, Duckie or Blaine?

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Would you have picked Duckie or Blaine? - Your thoughts are most welcome.

If you were Andie, would you have chosen Duckie or Blane?

Duckie vs. Blane: The short of it - Pretty in Pink's plot in 2 minutes and 12 seconds.

If you haven't seen Pretty in Pink and have no idea what I'm talking about, check out this short, and may I add, very funny, video explaining why Duckie should've been IT.

Better yet, just go watch the movie first - And then tell me what you think later.

The Pretty in Pink (Everything's Duckie Edition) DVD has a featurette called "The Lost Dance" which describes the original ending wherein Duckie ends up getting the girl. It was also revealed that test audiences said they would have preferred to see Blane win Andie's heart. Additionally, Molly Ringwald was sick during the filming of the ending and John Hughes wasn't satisfied with the editing. He was also concerned that audiences would take the original ending as a message that poor people and rich people don't belong together.

Well, despite the ending mishap, I actually did like the movie in its entirety. It's a John Hughes classic that's reflective of teenage life back in the 80s and should definitely be part of any generation X-er's collection.

Pretty in Pink (Everything's Duckie Edition)
Pretty in Pink (Everything's Duckie Edition)
From Amazon: The era of Molly Ringwald's profitable collaboration with writer-producer-director John Hughes was at its peak with this 1986 film. Ringwald plays a high school girl on the budget side of the tracks, living with her warm and loving father (Harry Dean Stanton) and usually accompanied by her insecure best friend (Jon Cryer). When a wealthy but well-meaning boy (Andrew McCarthy) asks her out, her perspective is overturned and Cryer's character is threatened.

The famous "Try A Little Tenderness" Duckie performance - His fantastic Otis Redding impression.

Duckman T-Shirt

Diablo Cody talked to Jon Cryer (Duckie) in 2008 about Pretty in Pink and he reveals in the three-part interview that Molly Ringwald (Andie) was very close to producer John Hughes and she had convinced him to make her character end up with Blane (Andrew McCarthy) because she had a crush on the actor. He also reveals in the video I've attached below that Robert Downey Jr. was initially cast for the part of Duckie and that if it had been Robert instead of Jon who played the role, Molly would have agreed for her character to end up with Duckie. Uh-huh.

Molly pretty much confirms that she had a crush on Robert Downey in the DVD featurette "All About Molly".

Part 1 / Part 2 (watch it below) / Part 3

And if there's anything perfect about the movie at all, it's the soundtrack:

Pretty In Pink: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Pretty In Pink: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Few filmmakers managed to capture the awkward coming-of-age catastrophes of '80s teens the way John Hughes did, just as few soundtracks encapsulate the sound of an era better than this one does. It's not the best 1986 had to offer, but it's a cohesive whole, transporting the listener to that other time, imagined or otherwise. There's enough variety to ensure that it doesn't become wallpaper, and very little filler. "Left of Center" by Suzanne Vega, with Joe Jackson on piano, is tremendous and transcends generations. Psychedelic Furs frontman Richard Butler has long been bemused about Hughes not taking Molly Ringwald's character's name from the title song, which inspired the film, but everyone was paying too much attention to what Ducky was wearing to notice anyway. --Scott Wilson

His name is Blane? That's a major appliance, that's not a name!

His name is Blane? That's a major appliance, that's not a name!
His name is Blane? That's a major appliance, that's not a name!

Your thoughts are most welcome!


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