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The Best Jet Li Movies List Ever

Updated on May 6, 2011

The Martial Arts World of Jet Li

He is one of the most well known martial arts action film star. He is none other than the kungfu dynamo, Jet Li.

Since his transition from a Chinese martial arts champion to martial arts movie icon, he has given us a list of great films.

He is definitely one of the most influential Chinese action superstar with his trademark lightning fast kungfu moves and boyish charisma.

Read on for the the best of Jet Li's films list.


This is my all time favorite film from Jet Li. It was also supposed to be his last kungfu masterpiece, but I do hope he makes more of these great martial arts films.

Fearless is set to become an iconic martial arts movies that excels in in both the fantastic fight scenes and the though provoking ideas interwoven throughout the movie. It is a movie about redemption and triumph against overwhelming odds. It is also an inspiring movie about the true meaning of being fearless through virtue, and about the true meaning of winning by righteous example instead of through force.

Fearless is about how a man who witness his father's defeat in a kungfu duel dedicates himself to become the number one fighter. But his blind pursuit of pride leads to the massacre of his family including his innocent daughter.

With the kindness from a blind girl he manages to slowly pull himself together and turn his energy to use his considerable martial arts skills to unite his people.

Once Upon a Time in China 2

In my opinion this sequel to the original Once Upon a Time in China is even bigger and better.

It manages to have bigger fight scenes, bolder storylines, bigger baddies and fortunately still manages to squeeze in more subtle humor.

The Warlords

This is an epic Chinese historical war movie that focuses on the themes of loyalty, corruption & betrayal between three sworn blood brothers. The trio of Andy Lau, Takeshi Kaneshiro and of course the intense Jet Li.

This is a great film that is definitely comparable to Red Cliff that is focused more on the historical context of battle among the different kingdoms during ancient China's period of turmoil. You might want to find out more great movies like Red Cliff here.

Movie Still for The Warlords

Jet Li (middle position)
Jet Li (middle position)

Ocean Heaven

Ocean Heaven is an interesting change of pace for Jet Li. In this inspiring tale he is the father of an autistic boy. The script and acting is fantastic in this movie, especially in term of the endearing portrayal of the precious relationship between father and son.

A touching scene between a determined caring father and his endearing autistic son from the film Ocean Heaven.
A touching scene between a determined caring father and his endearing autistic son from the film Ocean Heaven.

Favorite Videos Clips on Jet Li

Here are more videos of Jet Li's fantastic fight scenes, interviews and more.

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    • J.S.Matthew profile image

      JS Matthew 6 years ago from Massachusetts, USA

      Great review of a great actor! I am a fan of Jet Li and I appreciated this Hub! Nice Job!