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Johnny and June By Heidi Newfield

Updated on November 22, 2012

Johnny and June by Heidi Newfield

"Johnny an June" is awesome song by Heidi Newfield. Published on her latest album, "What Am I Waiting For", Heidi is sure to reach all times sales. The song is magnificant! Truly beautiful, and oh so true.

Below you wil find the lyrics to "Johnny and June", the "Johnny and June Video", and where to buy the "Johnny and June" CD, ringtones, music downloads and much more!

Johnny and June Lyrics

by Heidi Newfield

Oh there's something 'bout a man in black,

Makes me want to buy a cadillac,

Throw the top back,

And roll down to Jackson town,

I wanna be there on the stage with you,

You and I could be the next rage to,

Hear the crowd roar,

Make 'em one more,

I'll kick the footlights out,

I wanna love like Johnny and June,

Rings of fire burnin' with you,

I wanna walk the line,

Walk the line,

'Till the end of time,

I wanna love,

Love ya that much,

Cash it all in,

Give it all up,

When you're gone,

I wanna go too,

Like Johnny and June,

I wanna hold you baby right or wrong,

Build a world around a country song,

Pray a sweet prayer,

Follow you there,

Down in history,

I wanna love like Johnny and June,

Rings of fire burnin' with you,

I wanna walk the line,

Walk the line,

'Till the end of time,

I wanna love,

Love ya that much,

Cash it all in,

Give it all up,

When you're gone,

I wanna go too,

Like Johnny and June,

Like Johnny and June,

More than life itself,

No-one else,

This here is promise,

They don't make love like that anymore,

Is that too much to be askin' for,

I wanna love like Johnny and June,

Rings of fire burnin' with you,

I wanna walk the line,

Walk the line,

'Till the end of time,

I wanna love,

Love ya that much,

Cash it all in,

Give it all up,

When you're gone,

I wanna go too,

Like Johnny and June,

Like Johnny and June,

And when we're gone,

There'll be no tears to cry,

Only memories of our lives,

They'll remember, remember,

A love like that.

Heidi Newfield

Find your favorite Heidi Newfield products including the album What Am I Waiting For that includes the great track Johhny and June

One of the most memorable things about Johnny Cash was June of the most memorable things about June Carter was Johnny Cash.

From the very first moment that Johnny Cash first met June he had his mind set on her, even though he was married at the time. Once his first marriage was over, he asked June many time to marry him. Countless times she told him no. And for good reason, too.

Finally, one day, while performing on stage, Johnny Cash asked June to marry him, while she blushed it off at first, she finally said yes. From that day forward, Johnny Cash and June Carter were inseparable.

The two were not only married and lived together but, they would sing together, tour together and love forever.

Their love was so strong...everyone knew it. One of the greatest signs of their love is theis song Johnny and June by Heidi Newfield.

It's a song everyone should hear! As we can all relate to it at one point in our life!

What Do You Think of the New Song Johnny and June - Johnny and June....Awesome or Aweful?

What do you think of the new "Johnny and June" Song?

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Heidi Newfield; Better With Trick Pony or as a Solo-Artist? - You like her now or then?

Do You Like Heidi Newfield Better With Trick Pony or as a Solo-Artist?

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Official Heidi Newfield Website

Heidi Newfield info at your fingertips

Find everything you want at Read her bio, watch videos, listen to musice, shop her store and chat with the community.

Heidi Newfields 2008 Tour Dates

See her performe Johnny and June live!

August 21 ******* Gray, TN ******* Appalachian Fair

August 23 ******* Ogden, UT ****** Hill Air Force Base

August 29 ******* Portland, OR *** Dukes

August 30 ******* Tulelake, CA *** Tulelake-Butte Valley Fairground

August 31 ******* Elverta, CA **** Gibson Park Ranch

September 1 ***** Denver, CO ***** Civic Center Park

September 6 ***** Louisa, KY ***** Septemberfest

September 10 **** Allegan, MI **** Allegan County Fair

September 20 **** Tucson, AZ ***** KIIM-FM Country Music Festival

September 25 **** Chicago, IL **** Joe's Bar

September 27 **** Hempstead, TX ** Waller County Fair

October 4 ******* Aurora, IN ***** Aurora Farms Fair

October 12 ****** Uncasville, CT * Mohegan Sun

October 19 ****** Raleigh, NC **** NC State Fair

As mentioned above, Johnny and June were very much in love...but who was this June Carter? What did she sing?

June Carter sand Johnny Cash were both great country music singers! Learn more about June Carter Cash and Johnny Cash. By clicking on June Carter Cash or Johnny Cash.

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