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Junior MasterChef US

Updated on November 13, 2014
Official MasterChef Junior logo
Official MasterChef Junior logo | Source

MasterChef Junior: Get Ready for Season 2!

MasterChef has been one of the hottest summer series on the FOX TV network for the past four seasons. Now, fans can get ready for a brand new version of the show, spotlighting some of the youngest talented home cooks in the USA: MasterChef Junior!

This competition, featuring gifted chefs between the ages of 8 and 13, was a huge success when the first season aired in the Fall of 2013. In fact, not only is a second season on the schedule for 2014, but FOX has already ordered a third season for future airing! So it seems that the junior edition of this competition is here to stay for some time to come.

Here you'll find more information and links related to the series: you can read my episode recaps for the first season, follow the official social media streams related to Junior MasterChef, and find out what you need to do to perhaps get your own budding "MasterChef" in the competition some day!

Are you looking forward to Junior MasterChef? - A quick poll for readers

What do you think of the idea of Junior MasterChef?

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MasterChef Junior Season 2

Returning to FOX on November 4, 2014. Episodes air Tuesday nights!

MasterChef Junior from FOX - Get a glimpse of the new cheftestants in season two!

Who are the Top 16 Junior MasterChefs in Season 2?

  • Oona, 9, from New Haven, CT;
  • Mitchell, 12, from Paso Robles, CA;
  • Sean, 12, from Santa Ana, CA;
  • Abby, 8, from Winchester, VA;
  • Natalie, 12, from Stevenson Ranch, CA
  • Josh, 10, from Forest Hills, NY;
  • Jessica, 10, from Grand Prairie, TX;
  • Sam, 9, from Reseda, CA;
  • Berry, 11, from Beverly Hills, CA;
  • Logan, 11, from Memphis, TN;
  • Isabella, 12, from New York, NY;
  • Samuel, 12, from Greenbrae, CA;
  • Adaiah, 12, from Danbury, CT;
  • Nasir, 10, from Chicago, IL;
  • Coco, 10, from Aquilla, TX;
  • Levi, 12, from Highland Park, IL

Season Two Episode Recaps and Reviews

Want to read my Season Two recaps and reviews? They are all posted over at my personal website, Spacial Anomaly.

MasterChef Junior Season One

Recaps, info on the cast, and how to watch it online today.

Watch the First Season On-Line Today

Masterchef Junior Sneak Peek
Masterchef Junior Sneak Peek

If you missed the first season, you can catch up on it now via Amazon Instant Video. All seven episodes are available for purchase and immediate viewing.


MasterChef Season 1 Contestants

  • Alexander, 13, New York, NY;
  • Lishai, 11, Los Angeles, CA;
  • Amanda, 12, Franklin Square, NY;
  • Mina, 11, Pomona, CA;
  • Daniel, 11, Hawthorne, NY;
  • Molly, 12, Pasadena, CA;
  • Dara, 12, Culver City, CA;
  • Nathan, 8, Woodland Hills, CA;
  • Ethan, 11, Riverside, CA;
  • Noah, 12, San Juan Capistrano, CA;
  • Franco, 11, Massapequa, NY;
  • Roen, 12, Brooklyn, NY;
  • Gavin, 10, San Francisco, CA;
  • Sage, 13, Rossmoor, CA;
  • Hana, 10, Claremont, CA;
  • Sara, 12, Studio City, CA;
  • Jack, 10, East Rockaway, NY;
  • Sarah, 9, Culver City, CA;
  • Jewels, 12, Manalapan, NJ;
  • Sofia, 12, Brooklyn, NY;
  • Justin, 11, Neptune, NJ;
  • Tommy, 11, Palos Verdes Estates, CA;
  • Kaylen, 11, Culver City, CA;
  • Troy, 12, Thousand Oaks, CA.

Season One Episode Recaps and Reviews

Missed season one? Don't worry, you can find out what happened in all of my weekly recaps!

MasterChef Junior US: More Information

Social media links, websites, and a general FAQ about the series.

Junior MasterChef F.A.Q. - Basic facts and information about the series

  1. What are the requirements for being a contestant on Junior MasterChef? For the first season, contestants needed to be between the ages of 8 and 13 years old as of April 1, 2013, and available for filming for one month from April 1, 2013 and May 1, 2013. Otherwise the written application for the series (available on the casting website) was very similar to the one for the regular version of MasterChef, asking about their cooking experience, "signature dishes", and dreams/motivations for wanting to be on the series.
  2. Who are the judges? The same trio as featured on the "regular" version of MasterChef US: Gordon Ramsay, Joe Bastianich, and Graham Elliot.
  3. When and where can I watch the show? The second season of the series will be airing Tuesday nights on FOX. It premieres November 4th.
  4. Will there be future seasons I/my child can audition for? According to the official Facebook page, the show is part of a "multi-year deal" with Gordon Ramsay, which suggests there will be future seasons. Keep an eye on the Official Casting Page (not currently enabled) to get the details when applications will be open for season three...or beyond!
  5. Was this the first time a Junior version of MasterChef has been produced? Absolutely not! As per Wikipedia, the original "Junior" version of a MasterChef competition aired on the BBC between 1994 to 1999. It was revived on the BBC in 2010. There are also numerous international versions of the show which have aired in Australia, Italy, Greece, Thailand, India and the Philippines, to name a few.

Gear for an up-and-coming MasterChef! - Great stuff for that young cooking enthusiast

Curious Chef 17-Piece Measure & Prep Kit
Curious Chef 17-Piece Measure & Prep Kit

Real kitchen tools designed for kids! These are not toys, but kid-safe tools including 6-piece measuring spoons and cups set, 1 large spoon, a kitchen timer, a 3 piece prep bowl set, a shopping list and stickers.


A Poll for Parents - Do you have a budding MasterChef in your family?

Would you ever let your child be a contestant on Junior MasterChef?

See results
The Cookbook for Kids (Williams-Sonoma): Great Recipes for Kids Who Love to Cook
The Cookbook for Kids (Williams-Sonoma): Great Recipes for Kids Who Love to Cook

This highly-rated cookbook is great for kids who have an interest in learning to cook - and cook real food! There are more than 60 recipes for food that's fun, tasty, and also healthy to get young ones positive about cooking good and eating good.

Curious Chef 3-Piece Nylon Knife Set
Curious Chef 3-Piece Nylon Knife Set

These kitchen knives are safe for kids and feature soft-touch handles and a blunt edge.


MasterChef US Junior Links - Where to find out more about the show

Official pages, other review blogs, articles on the series, etc. This section will be updated with more links as the show airs!

My Other MasterChef Pages on HubPages (and Elsewhere)

Recaps, reviews and essays on MasterChef

Catch up on past seasons of the "adult" version of MasterChef US with my recap and review pages. I've also written several essays and other pages about the show which you can find linked below:

© 2013 Nicole Pellegrini

What are your last thoughts on MasterChef Junior? - Comments and feedback welcome!

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