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Lumpy Space Princess: LSP Quotes, Pics, and Merchandise

Updated on October 22, 2014

Adventure Time's Purple Floating Diva is so Freaking Hot

The hit Cartoon Network show Adventure Time has so many weird quirky characters, it's hard to pick a favorite. Finn, Jake, Ice King, BMO - they're all great. But the most hilarious? That's a no brainer. Lumpy Space Princess (aka LSP to her fans) steals every scene she's in with her teen girl attitude and diva antics. Kids, teens, and grownups agree - this princess is totally hawt.

Learn more about LSP and her lumps. That is, if you're not a chump.

LSP Yelling
LSP Yelling

Character Background

In the Adventure Time universe, LSP is a floating blob/cloud who comes from Lumpy Space. Despite her lumpy bod and hilariously mannish voice, she's a prototypical teenage drama queen - self-centered, gossipy, and above all, attention-seeking. She's friends with Finn and Jake, and as one of the most popular characters on the show, is frequently involved in their adventures.

If LSP bites you, you might just get The Lumps ("It's just like um... you know... werewolf rules"). This happened to Jake in the second episode of Adventure Time, when LSP made her debut. Jake was cured after he and Finn traveled to Lumpy Space, where we learned a lot about LSP - her home, her antagonistic relationship with her parents, and of course, the drama with best friend Melissa and ex-boyfriend Brad.

LSP and her Horrible Idiot Parents

Lumpy Facts

Species: Lumpy Space Person

Age: 15

Relationship Status: Complicated (Brad!)

Best Friend: Melissa

These Lumps

Photo of Pendleton Ward (source: The Adventure Time Wiki)
Photo of Pendleton Ward (source: The Adventure Time Wiki)

The Voice of LSP

Yes, it's a Dude

If you've noticed that LSP has a rather masculine voice for a teen girl, there's a good reason for that - she's voiced by a guy. Specifically this guy, Pendleton Ward. Not much of a resemblance, eh? Why, I can hardly see any lumps at all on him.

Ward is actually the creator of Adventure Time and also does voice work for a number of minor characters, including Shelby and the business men from Season One. Of course, LSP is anything but minor, and it's her funny voice that sets her apart. It's the one thing that really seems to crack people up.

So kudos to Ward not only for creating a monster hit show, but for bringing to life one of the most awesomely unique cartoon characters to come down the pike in a long time.

What do you think of LSP?

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