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The March Of The Penguins Review

Updated on December 27, 2014
March of the Penguins
March of the Penguins | Source

March Of The Penguins Follows the Migration of Emperor Penguins in Antarctica

March of the Penguins is a beautiful documentary movie filmed in one of the harshest environments on earth, Antarctica. Watching it, I learned a lot about Emperor Penguins not the least of which is that they are handsome, distinguished, humble, brave and devoted. If you enjoy nature documentaries, you will definitely enjoy this film.

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"They have wings but they cannot fly."

"They're birds that think they're fish!"

"Every year they take a nearly impossible journey to find a mate."


First screened at the Sundance Film Festival, U.S.A., on January 21, 2005. The theatrical release happened on June 24, 2005.

Why I Love March Of The Penguins (In 109 Words!)

March of the Penguins takes place in Antarctica, one of the harshest environments on the earth. The climate there is the 'darkest, driest, windiest and coldest' you can find with lows reaching 80 degrees below zero and winds of up to 100 miles per hour. Nevertheless, each year the amazing emperor penguins in this love story follow the same migratory pattern in order to find a mate and raise their young. A true endurance test, the journey and the effort of protecting their young is tough and not all of them will make it. This film perfectly documents one of the most amazing creatures on our planet.

March of the Penguins Video Trailer

March Of The Penguins Statistics & Fast Facts

Genre: Documentary

Directed by: Luc Jacquet

Narrated By: Morgan Freeman and

Featuring: Emperor Penguins

Filmed in: Antarctica

Filmed by: A National Georgraphic Feature Films production

Narrated by: Morgan Freeman

Music by: Alex Wurman

Rated: G or General

Run Time: 85 Minutes

Format: Widescreen and fullscreen DVD or blu-ray disc

March of the Penguins

Won the 2005 Academy Award for

Best Documentary Feature

Which did you enjoy more, March of the Penguins, Disney's Earth or Planet Earth?

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The March of the Penguins DVD and Blu-ray Versions

March of the Penguins
March of the Penguins | Source

March of the Penguins Review by the Movie Mom - The Movie Mom says this movie is, "a beautiful, touching, and inspiring film." She rates it good for children in

The Movie Mom is a trusted and respected family-oriented movie reviewer. Currently, she writes with but we have trusted her reviews both for age and quality recommendations since my 17 year old son was 5 years old! You can read her complete review at:

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"In the harshest place on earth, love finds a way."


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