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Move To The Groove Rhex Arboleda

Updated on October 13, 2014

Move to the Groove


Music teacher Rhex Arboleda is well known in his town Neenah Wisconsin as he is trying to fight child obesity with a dance programme he designed called 'moving to the groove.' Rhex currently works in three primary schools in the area.

Moving to the groove is a fun way to get children up and moving about while dancing to the music. Dancing with the stars Derek Hough, Anna Trebunskaya, Mark Ballas and Chelsea Hightower all joined Ty Pennington and the extreme make over team to help build a new house for Rhex Arboleda and his wife along with their five children.

Both Ty Pennington and Derek Hough told the family they had been chosen for the home maker over show while at a farmers market where a flash mob began to dance to music that was written by Rhex for his 'Move to the Groove' class which left Rhex in tears of joy.

The dancing with the stars led the make over team with warm ups and demolition, and tonights episode of extreme make over will see Derek Hough dancing with make over designer Paige Hemmis and Chelsea and Derek dancing on dry wall stilts. The Arboledas were blown away by their beautiful new home and Rhex even got a pimped out ice cream van which had been turned into a move to the groove mobile classroom in order for him to take his classes all over Wisconsin.

Derek Hough said "This family of seven were living in a 500 square foot home, but they were the most positive people. It was wonderful to be part of that energy and to give back to someone who had given so much and received so little."


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