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Funny Animal Sites

Updated on March 16, 2011

Cute Funny Animals

You gotta love funny animal photos. Cute little animals doing funny things. Just has to brighten up the day. So.......................If your day needs to be brightened, check these sites out.

Cute daily pictures from all over that are reader based. This is one of my favorites. says it all. Furriest of the furry animals posted weekly. They even throw in a few jokes once in awhile to give you a double smile. whole lotta dogs and cats. Pictures come with funny captions. This won't make you smile, you'ff skip smiling and go directly to laughing. The clever newspaper layout is enough to make you smile. Eeryday a new cute puppy is revealed. Can't stay in a sour mood with cute puppies.

So, I challange you to view these sites and not find yourself in a better mood.


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