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New Techno Trance Music Artists 2012: TechnoClassic (with Free Music)

Updated on June 10, 2012


Kevin Cassol is the real name of the trance and techno music producer TechnoClassic. He is 18 years old and lives in Southern Brazil, where he studies engineering. His first encounter with trance and techno was in the year 2009. At that point, he was only looking for some good soundtracks, so he can use them for his gaming videos. But it was one day, when he came across the tracks of some special artists (like DJ Contacreast, Tranception, Maximus Techno and so on). And since then, he completely fell in love with the beauty of trance music. But it took him two years until he decided to create his own music. In August 2011, he downloaded the program “FL Studios 9” (which has been mentioned a lot of times when he read comments on YouTube) and decided to give it a go. His first track was “Chords of Imagination” which he later re-mastered and re-uploaded on YouTube. He was strongly influenced by thy way Maximus Techno, a friend of him and later his FL Studios tutor, made music. He asked him out, which programs he uses, because he made for him absolutely amazing music and he received a lot of help with the music maker program FL Studios. So far, he has uploaded a considerable amount of tracks on YouTube on his YouTube channel TechnoClassic.

TechnoClassic’s unique way of making Techno and Trance Music

TechnoClassic has early defined his style of music to be something in the direction of trance and techno, maybe a mixture of both. His style is very distinguishable from other producers, because in every single song of him the listener is completely drawn into to the track and the track evokes the feeling into the listener that something is going on like, for example, in his track “Hyperbolic”. There is vibration, an activity in all of his songs, what makes them so unique the way they reach the listener musically and aesthetically. He is steadily releasing new songs and has now created 16 unique tracks.
Visit his YouTube Channel to listen to all of them!

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His latest song after 8 months of expertise - Impressing!


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