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New Trance Music Artist 2012: Boesgaard (with free Music!)

Updated on May 3, 2012

[EDITOR'S NOTE: If you want to know the exact definition and origin of Trance then click there.]


Martin Boesgaard Hansen is the civil name of the upraising trance producer Boesgaard and he was born on the 9th of September in Denmark, where he still lives.
Boesgaard had a typical gamer childhood. With the age of 10, when he was able to read and understand English, he started to play video games on his computer. He wasn’t too much into school and often bored by it. And because there was nothing he could do in his country he already built his own computer with only 13 years. After he had finished the obligatory part of school he was somewhat loose in life and so went mainstream and signed up for high school. But he couldn’t bear the boredom of school any longer than half a year and dropped out. At this time his brother finished his “IT-Supporter” education, what triggered the thought in him: Why not do it too? I am good with computers, so what does hold me back?
Excitedly did he run to his father to tell him about his decision and only half a year later he already started his education as a “Data Technician”.
And this was the hour of birth of Boesgaard. He downloaded spontaneously the program FL Studios and this was when an entirely new world opened to him. For once in his life he was able to express his emotions, feelings and thought in a completely new medium and recreating his impulses into music, he created many unique tracks. He received his apprenticeship as a Data Technician in a company called NOVAQ. He was not sure whether to accept it or not, because it would last for five and a half years. Would he have the patience to absolve such a long apprenticeship? He decided to go for it and plan further when is done with it. Now only one year left of his apprenticeship he still wonders what to do.

Boesgaard's unique Music

After you know some basic information of the trance producer Boesgaard I would like to take a look on his music and in the end give you some music recommendations.
Boesgaard creates many different electronic styles. His creativity ranges from trance and house to harder styles such as hardstyle, hard dance etc. When I first listened to his music, I immediately knew, he has something special the way he creates music. He isn’t set to make music that might sound good on the radio only, but follows his feelings and imagination. And that is a very strong criteria how Boesgaard composes his music. When you listen to a track of him, his videos are often filled with many pictures that possibly represent what scenario he imagined while he was making the track. He impressed me deeply with his ability to create such unique electronic tracks. They all possess something without comparison and everyone who listens to his tracks will know of what I am talking.
Make sure to check out the young upraising talent Boesgaard and click here to be directed to his YouTube channel!
By the way, all his tracks are free!!

-by mbyL

After listening to some of his music what do you think of him?

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Awesome Hardstyle Track

Epic Hard Dance Track

Euphoric Hard Dance Track


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    • mbyL profile image

      Slaven Cvijetic 5 years ago from Switzerland, Zurich

      Thanks for the comment! If you want to listen to more of his songs then go on his youtube account- He regurlarly releases new songs and just yesterday he did it again.

    • wolfshadow profile image

      wolfshadow 5 years ago

      Thanks for the nice article. I used to listen to trance and this guy isn't bad.

    • profile image

      marindoom 5 years ago

      @anon hehe, the article doesn't say anything specific about my age, so you must have gotten that from elsewhere xD

    • profile image

      anon 5 years ago

      Marindoom sent me :-)

      Wooop woop didnt know he was 20

    • mbyL profile image

      Slaven Cvijetic 5 years ago from Switzerland, Zurich

      Thank you for liking my article! Support the artist by subscribing to him on youtube!

    • profile image

      souls_sold 5 years ago

      Excelent article! I'll be sure to look at what this artist have in stock!