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Operation Proposal Overview

Updated on September 21, 2012

Operation Proposal: A drama about fate, regrets, and change.

Operation Proposal is a 2012 Korean drama about a man who must watch the girl he has been in love with for years marry another man. On their wedding day, he discovers that she also liked him back, but never had the courage to tell him. A time conductor, someone who controls time, approaches the mournful man and gives him the opportunity to travel back into the past and change his fate. Will he be able to be the groom in the future? Or will his fate remain the same? Will his actions have a negative impact on other aspects of his life?

Genre: Romance, Comedy

Director: Kim Woo Sun

Screenwriter: Yoon Ji Ryun

Broadcast Network: CSTV

Broadcast Period: February 8, 2012 to March 29, 2012

Airtime: Wednesday and Thursday 20:50

Episodes: 16

Operation Proposal MV

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Operational Proposal begins with Baek Ho rushing to make it to his best friend's wedding on time. He has been friends with her for 20 years, yet could never muster up the courage to confess his feelings for her. Likewise, Yi Seul liked Baek Ho for a long time, but was scared of ruining their friendship by admitting it.

Baek Ho barely keeps it together as he watches the woman he loves marry another man. And not just any man, his high school baseball coach. After the wedding, Baek Ho reads a letter Yi Seul wrote that he found by mistake. He realized that she also loved him. Breaking down into tears, he desperately longs for a chance to go back in time and fix his mistake.

As if answering his prayers, a time conductor appears and grants Baek Ho his wish. He sends him back in time, giving him the opportunity to change his future. Will Baek Ho be the groom this time? Or will he still suffer the same fate? Or will he suffer an even worse fate? After all, it can be quite dangerous to tamper with the past like that. You never know what negative impact it can have on the future.

If you were in Baek Ho's shoes would you accept the offer to travel back in time?

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It's Unlikely that You'll Marry Your First Love

The time conductor says that most people never end up with their first love. They marry their second love. Do you believe that this is true? And are we better off not marrying our first love?

Do you believe that this is true? And are we better off not marrying our first love?

Yoo Seung Ho as Kang Baek Ho

Kang Baek Ho had a crush on Yi Seul from a young age, but never had the confidence or courage to ask her out. He continued to put it off, assuming that he would always have the opportunity in the future. Before he knows it 20 years has gone by, he still hasn't confessed, and the woman he loves is marrying another man. A time conductor gives him the opportunity to go back into the past and change his fate. However, he warns him that men do not change their ways so easily as he knows quite well.

Park Eun Bin as Ham Yi Seul

Yi Seul developed feelings for Baek Ho at a young age and would always support him. She is partly to blame for their romance never blossoming, because she had very secretive ways of hinting at Baek Ho that she liked him.

Lee Hyeon Jin as Kwon Jin Won

Jin Won is the man who marries Yi Seul and also happened to be Baek Ho's baseball coach in high school.

Other Cast Members

Ko Gyung Pyo as Song Chan Wook

Park Young Seo as Joo Tae Nam

Kim Ye Won as Yoo Chae Ri

Park Jin Joo as Jo Jin Joo

Operation Proposal OST Part 1

01. If You Love Me by J.Rabbit

Operation Proposal OST Part 2

01. Greetings by J.Rabbit

Operation Proposal OST Part 3

01. That's Why I Didn't Know by Lee Dong Ha

02. That's Why I Didn't Know (instrumental)

Operation Proposal OST Part 4

01. Be My Heart

Operation Proposal OST Part 5

01. Oh! My Goddess by T.A Copy

02. Oh! My Goddess (instrumental)

Operation Proposal OST Part 6

01. Story of Little Love by Park Eun Bin

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Do you think that Chae Ri and Tae Nam will end up together?

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Operation Proposal Reviews

What are others saying about Operation Proposal?



I'm enjoying this drama. I think the whole concept is to relate to its viewers in fairytale way. Doesn't watching this drama make you wonder to yourself also, "What if I can get that chance of going back in time?" No matter how happy you are about life and with whom at the moment, you KNOW you'd TAKE that chance to go back and change just that one little thing, and then wondering how LIFE would have been NOW 'IF'. *sigh* ... Hoping for a happy ending. Because in reality no one will get that chance. So as long as Kang Baek Ho does, I'm rooting for him all the way. AND I'm in <3 with this cast. They're hilarious, fun, and lovable.


I want to give what i couldn't give you then

Baek Ho doesn't have control about what happens in the end when he comes back from the past. The sole reason why he goes to the past was not to confess his love to Yin Seul, rather, he's goes back to GIVE Yin Seul what he couldn't give her at that time. I think people is overseeing the plot with operation confession from operation redemption... if you pay close attention they mention the topic regret loads of time. Thus Baek Ho does everything he could to do what he wouldn't regret anymore. I like the drama. Aside from the romance, he's also trying to redeem himself as a person who loves and plays baseball. Also i remember a child hood story about messing with time, i'm beginning to think there is going to be some huge consequences from messing with time, so i'm awaiting for that moment. Also there is another meaning in this show: Love comes from our greater significant, our friends, our family, and our mentors. LOVE LOVE LOVE. =D


I like a lot!

Really liking this so far, especially the main characters!! I hope it has a happy ending! I know some people get a little frustrated that he doesn't just come out and say his feelings, but you gotta realize that he doesn't want to ruin a lifelong friendship with his best friend... even the best of friends lose their friendship if they date and break up. So I like to think he's building a strong foundation so their love will last~ But I do look forward to when he'll have to man up and confess haha.



Please please plz give this drama a chance

Ok...So i've personally finished this series. I wouldn't go into detail coz I don't want to spoil it for new viewers. I do understand all the comments about this drama being very frustrating becoz it is. It really is... but come on, it's just meant to be. But I promise you that the last few episodes as well as lessons that you can learn from this drama will be more than enough to make up for all the tensions built. You'll become a fan and be thankful that you didn't give up on the drama. :) GL and cheers to all those who've finished this awesome piece. Let's start living life without regrets!!! It's never too late,..

Great Acting, but Bad Storywriting

Yoo Seung Ho is a phenomenal actor as he continues to portray very diverse roles, now as Kang Baek Ho. I've never seen Proposal Daikusen, but other people said that Operation Proposal has got nothing on it, and I guess I'm inclined to believe that, but the critics shouldn't drag down their superb acting from this sub-par story writing. In my opinion, any story with a time traveling theme will always have some sort of glitch with the concept and somehow end up confusing the audience, and it is certainly no exception here as the storyline is very well predictable after the first two episodes; Kang Baek Ho continues to travel back in time until he gets the girl but with a little twist I presume. However, I fell in love with all the characters such as Joo Tae Nam, and I'm even more amazed at Baek Ho's and Yi Seul's chemistry as BFFs... I really hope the story progresses more smoothly as the drama goes on, but as for right now, great acting, but bad storywriting.

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Disclaimer: Operation Proposal and all pictures are owned by CSTV. I am merely a fan of this drama and have no association with CSTV.

So far, I am really enjoying this Korean drama. Yes, I did get annoyed during the first few episodes at times at both Baek Ho and Yi Seul. However, I can understand why it's so hard for them to confess. It's more difficult to date your best friend, because you run the risk of destroying that friendship for good. There's no guarantee you'll make it to the alter and stay happily married. In addition, Baek Ho grows in each episode and becomes closer and closer to achieving his dreams. I enjoy watching character learn and grow. I look forward to watching the new episodes when they are out!

What do you think about Operation Proposal?

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      6 years ago

      i've finished watching this drama and i also watch the japanese version of operation love they have different attack in the drama and how they put emotion in the character so far i love the korean version i'm not bias but i love the way they put stress on the character of kang baek ho who do everything he can do to change the past events, his motivation to win the heart of his first love ham yi seul that in the end he failed and it hurts him over and over again and it deeply hurt his heart as he continue to change the events i love the way yoo seung ho acts and how he was hurting deep inside the crying scene also makes me cry i felt his emotion in every time he cries when he failed the mission to change the events....this drama it teach me to appreciate the time when you are with someone you love. and for me this drama is a tear jerker every episode i cry together with kang baek the drama no matter what they say that it wasn't good enough as the japanese version, my fav scene is when kang baek ho reverse the scene that instead that yi seul will die he choose to sacrifice his self and gets amnesia and how he try to save his girl he truly love


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