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The Goonies ~ A Classic Treasure

Updated on May 29, 2014

I was a teen in the 80's when Doogie Howser (Neil Patrick Harris) was a teen Doctor, the movie Firestarter had a trouble girl who starts fires with her mind (Drew Barrymore) and I personally never forget the brave group of kids in "The Goonies"; with Sean Astin who played the ever so determined Mikey, to save their homes in a small Oregon town.

Deep down, I could relate to them as a goonie because I understand being different, unique, and pushed aside, all because I didn't act, look or talk like all the rest of the pre-teen/teenagers. My views, my visionary style was a bit dramatic, but that was and still is part of my personality. Still believing anything is possible and priceless treasure can be found in different ways through personal accomplishments and overcoming stereotyping, as they did in themselves. For that, The Goonies is truly one of my favorit anytime movie to frequently taken off the shelf and watch.

I enjoy being able to go back in time for a bit, to reminisce with my grandchildren in how I use to go outdoors and climb our Nevada hillside and look for lost treasures. Or tell them how I'd dress up as a Gypsy Pirate at Halloween to collect candy booty that one special night a year. I am truly blessed I'm able to pass down my stories and leave them little treasures as my grandma did for me! I get to share, watch, and pass down this classic movie to my grandchildren. Being able to sit down with them to share great movies I grew up with is fun, educating, and memorable in its pure form, a treasure to me. A grandmotherly trait I hope gets passed down to their children

Now for the real featured treasure:

The Goonies became an instant all American pre-teen classic action/adventure film. The movie opens up with a group of pre-teens enjoying their youth, but quickly it unfolds to reveal there is a crisis about to happen in their neighborhood of Astoria, Oregon, where they all live near the "Goon Docks".

The five boys; Mikey, Brand, Chunk, Data & Mouth, all ventured into the attic, where Mikey's dad had stored several artifacts from the museum where he works. While messing around in the attic going through all the different finds, Mikey stumbles across a picture framed with an old Spanish map behind the glassed frame; once to believe to belong to One-Eyed Willie, a legendary 17th-century pirate. Mikey, knowing Chunk is a bit clumsy hands Chunk the frame and begin a quick countdown. Sure enough the picture frame gets broke and exposes the old map. Mikey presents a wild idea, which is quickly dismissed by Brand and sternly tells Mikey not to leave the house. However, Mikey sets his mind on saving his family's (and friends) home, so he and his friends tie up Brand and set out to search for One Eye'd Willies buried treasure. After Brand gets loose and with a few mishaps, he ends up running into two schoolmates (Step and Andy) who also get pulled into the treasure hunt. The map will lead them all on an unforgettable adventure that returns hope, faith and dreams back into each of their lives.

While Mikey is separated from his brother Brand, with map in hand, a skull doubloon, the clues leaded the 4 boys to the summer restaurant. Here is where Brand and the girls catch up to Mikey and where they first cross paths with lady criminal Mama Fratelli (Anne Ramsey) and her outlaw sons. Back step a bit here, earlier in the day Chunk try's to tell his friends about a car chase he saw in town. They don't listen, on the account Chunk is always crying wolf and telling big tells... so... when he tells them about the bullet holes in the SUV outside, they don't listen. Thus the true adventure begins!

Fortunately, for the kids, Chunk befriends Mama Fratelli's hideously deformed (but soft-hearted) son (John Matuszak), who comes to their rescue. Through obstacles and booby traps the kids all finally find the infamous ship and treasure. They all load their pocket with as much loot as they can. Nevertheless, in the final battle on One Eye'd Willies ship with the Fratelli's against the kids, the kids are forced to give up all the treasure and walk the plank. Once off the ship and all safely out of the cavern they are found on the beach by the local police. As soon as everyone see all the children are safe, their parents are then informed they have to sign over their homes and it all looks to be dismal all together. Before Mikey's father can get ink to paper everyone hears the Spanish speaking housekeeper yelling frantically... No sign, No sign, as she discovers something which was over looked after all the kids fled One Eye'd Willies ship.

In the closing summary: In the distance, off the horizon, you can faintly see One Eye's Willies ship drifting silently out to sea as everyone looks on in awe... all ends well!

The overall tone of this movie was heartwarming, full of hope & faith and an ended showing us, anything is possible if you believe in yourself and follow your dreams.

Visit Astoria, Oregon, Goonies Beginnings
Visit Astoria, Oregon, Goonies Beginnings

Most probably don't know this but in 2009 Steven Spielberg started a squeal to the original movie "The Goonies". However, it never made it to the theater.

Here are a few links to credit this.

Josh Brolin - YouTube:

When is release of Goonies 2:

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For those who want to venture where 'The Goonies" have:

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Bed & Breakdast Inn:

Enter for a chance to Win a weekend get-a-way, click above photo!

Here is a collection of related video's featuring "The Goonies"

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Sharing memories with Josh Brolin ~ "Brand" The Goonies.

Fun outtakes from the movie The Goonies

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Love this scene with Chunk and the Fratellis!

For the avid Goonies collector... Check these offers out!

Movie time! What's your favorite kind of movie: comedy, action/adventure, thriller, suspense, etc...

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    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Great lense. Goonies Forever!

    • shay-marie profile image

      Shay Marie 

      4 years ago from Southern California

      Great review - thank you for sharing!


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