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Perception TV Show

Updated on July 10, 2012

Perception TV Show Review

TNT has a new crime drama TV series that first aired on the 9th of July 2012, in the form of Perception. The Perception TV show has many similar features to the reimagined Sherlock Holmes TV show coming to CBS later in the fall season.

Both shows feature some pretty excentric and intelligent people that solve crimes in a particular and peculiar manner. Both crime solvers require babysitters and are commonly found on the outside of the group looking in. Which one is crazier will have to be determined at a later date, but it will make for an interesting debate.

The Perception TV series is very different from what the viewer might be expecting and plays around with the concepts of reality and how people determine what is actually real versus imagined. Some of the concepts are complicated but are portrayed in ways that try to explain how the main protaganist in Perception sees the world.

Most people who view the world in this manner would be considered crazy and locked up in a mental institution. Solving crimes is not the natural answer for someone with this type of condition.

Perception TV Show Synopsis

Eric McCormack plays Dr. Daniel Pierce
Eric McCormack plays Dr. Daniel Pierce

The Perception TV show is about solving crime in an unusual manner. Kate Moretti is an FBI agent who solves crimes. She's good at her job but also a little of an odd ball at times. She doesn't like to fail and likes to look at the world from other angles.

When she struggles to solve a case she decides to turn to her former university professor, Dr Daniel Pierce. Kate recruits Daniel to look at her cases from a different viewpoint. You see Daniel is special. He doesn't live in the same world as everyone else. He makes his own rules about what is real and what is perceived to be real. He's also a neuroscientist and understands the brain in a way that no-one else has tackled previously.

However, Daniel sees things that others don't see. He has conversations with people but they aren't there. If he wasn't a professor he'd be classed as a lunatic. He needs a babysitter, in the form of Max Lewicki, to make sure he doesn't get in trouble from listening to the voices in his head, which he sees as normal people standing in front of him. Daniel uses these people and this insight into his own personal world to solve the supossedly unsolvable FBI crimes, hence why it's called the Perception TV series.

Throughout all of his trials and tribulations, Dr. Pierce has Natalie Vincent to fall back on. She's his best friend and is able to understand many of the theories and concepts Daniel conceives.

Perception Cast and Characters

Kate Moretti is played by Rachael Leigh Cook. Kate is an FBI agent and needs some help solving crimes. She turns to her old professor for some help.

Dr. Daniel Pierce is played by Eric McCormack. Daniel Pierce is a schizophrenic with a fabulous mind and teaches in Chicago. His view of life helps him see what others have missed, however he is unable to tell what is real and what is imagined.

Max Lewicki is played by Arjay Smith. Max is Dr. Pierce's teaching assistant. He helps keep Daniel Pierce on the straight and narrow and acts as a type of babysitter. He is resposible for keeping Daniel on a schedule, as this minimies his "strange" episodes. Max is also a student but does more for Daniel than a normal teaching assistant.

Kelly Rowan plays the role of Natalie Vincent. She is Daniel Pierce's best friend and is there when he needs someone to lean on and discuss through some of his theories. After all, how can he tell Kate how he's really solving these crimes?

Other Perception cast and characters include Dr Michael Hathaway played by Jamie Bamber. Jamie is a new professor that Kate notices. He could also be a potential love interest.

The Dean of the university is played by Paul Haley. it will be interesting to see how much he actually knows about Dr Daniel Pierce's mental state and the effect this has on their relationship.

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Are You a Fan of Perception?

Are you a fan of the Perception TV series? Well you will probably become a fan if you like out of the box cop procedurals. It's very similar to the Mentalist and the upcoming Elementary TV series. Think of it like Sherlock Holmes with hallucinations and barely hanging onto what's actually there versus what's imagined to be there.

Erik McCormack makes Daniel Pierce believable, but extremely likable at the same time. This character is completely different from his most well known character of Will (from Will and Grace).

Daniel has an enthusiasm and a passion for life that is catching. He is energetic and intelligent without being condescending. Some of his lectures are entertaining, tackling concepts that are rarely discussed as they are based on aspects of our lifes that we take for granted.

The character of Kate Moretti brings some action to the show and is willing to take risks; not only in hiring the nutty professor but also willing to do anything to catch the criminal.

So far at least eight of the upcoming episodes have been filmed. If the Perception TV show is usccessful then more episodes will be ordered.


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