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Revolution TV Show Review - Why Did The Power Go Out?

Updated on September 26, 2012

Watch Revolution

Revolution TV Show

The Revolution TV show asks some pretty important questions regarding our current lives. The main question is what would happen if the electricity was cut across the world tomorrow, forever?

We are so reliant on electricity and this is shown in the Revolution TV series airing on NBC on Monday evenings from September 17th 2012.

However, Revolution has a further twist in that it would seem that a small group of people knew about the upcoming electricity cut and took certain steps before it happened.

How could these people know such a thing? Does this mean the blackout was man-made? If it was man-made can the electricity be switched back on?

Audiences will be asking how long until they get some answers in the new Revolution tv show?

Revolution TV Show Plot

The Revolution TV show looks really cool and interesting. It's another Erik Kripke TV series (let's hope it's as good as Supernatural used to be) and it's produced by J. J. Abrams and Bryan Burk. They have made some of the best sci-fi/fantasy TV shows over the past decade including Alias, Lost, Fringe and Alcatraz (which is now on the cancelled TV shows 2012 list).

If the new Revolution series follows the normal sci-fi plot then expect there to be lots of underlying mysteries and the audience will have a number of questions to try to figure out. How long these questions take to be answered will probably determine how successful this TV show will be; get answers too quickly and audiences get bored, but drag it out to long and audiences get confused and lost (no pun intended).

The Revolution TV show starts off by having the electricity cut out. However, before the power is cut Ben Matheson calls his brother, Miles, and tries to warn him that the electricity is about to go out forever. Before the power completely powers down, Ben manages to download something off his laptop onto a special device.

When the power goes out everything stops working. Planes fall out the sky, cars stop and the effect is very similar to what happened in the pilot episode of Falling Skies, when the aliens dropped an EMP bomb.

The masses are confused and don't know what's going on. Life is about to change forever.

The special device Ben Matheson stores whatever it was he downloaded off his laptop before the blackout. He then gives it to a friend before he gets shot.
The special device Ben Matheson stores whatever it was he downloaded off his laptop before the blackout. He then gives it to a friend before he gets shot.

Revolution then skips forward 15 years and we find out what's happened since the blackout, to the Revolution characters. Governments have fallen and in their place are militias and war lords. Without electricity, they struggle to survive and have to go back to methods and lifestyles from the wild west times.

When the Militia comes to take Ben Matheson away he gives his friend his special device, that contains whatever it was that he downloaded from his laptop 15 years ago. Ben agrees to go with them, but his son Danny interferes resulting in Ben being shot. Danny is taken by the rebels, in place of his father.

When Charlie Matheson hears the gun shot she rushes home, but is too late. Her father realizes he is about to die and tells Charlie to find her Uncle Miles in Chicago. he will help her get Danny back.

Charlie treks across country to find her Uncle Miles. She takes two people with her from her village, including her father's friend, who now has the device.

Along the way Charlie meets a young man called Nate and he joins the group of travellers. When Charlie meets her Uncle she fails to recognize him as it's been 15 years since she saw him and she was a young child. However, her Uncle recognizes Nate as a member of the Militia.

Charlie convinces her Uncle to come with her, along with a little nudge from the Militia.

Charlie also finds out her dad may have known why the lights went out 15 years ago and the audience find out there are others with devices like the one Ben Matheson had. This device seems to have an electrical charge.

The Revolution series is like Falling Skies (without the aliens) meets Jericho (without the electricity and gadgets).

Why No Guns in Revolution?

People have been asking why there are no guns in Revolution. I find this strange when you consider the dad gets shot near the beginning of the pilot episode.

However, I think the point is why doesn't everyone have guns. I can only assume it's because most of the show takes place many years in the future after the power was cut off. The time in-between has consisted of people adjusting to life without electricity. By this point there are militia's.

I can only assume it isn't easy to make new guns without electricity. I am pretty sure most people wouldn't know how to make a gun themselves. Also, last I checked there are very few blacksmiths around who could make bullets like they did back in the wild wild west era. These are skills that the general population lost many years ago.

Will the Revolution TV Series Be a Big Hit?

Are you a fan of the Revolution TV show?

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Revolution looks like they have a nice balance in the questions department. There are mysteries hinted to in the trailer such as an insight into the secret group that knew the electricity was being cut.

There's a special device that seems to be central to the mystery and has the Militia chasing down who they believe to be key members of the conspiracy theory.

There's a close look at familial relationships and the need for a sister to get her brother back.

There's the opportunity to look at what the world might look like without electricity and how our lives would be changed forever. How the laws of the wild west would be reinstated and no one would really be safe anymore.

There's an interesting blend of old world and more modern warfare. Expect guns along with bow and arrows and swords. If you like the odd ninja sequence then there's a little of that here and there in the Revolution TV series.

I really feel that Revolution will either be a big hit or a massive flop. It's not always easy to tell with these type of shows. It's in the sci-fi genre which is a negative right from the start, as these type of shows are most likely to be cancelled if they do not perform as well as expected. Also, bigger budgets are needed for these type of shows for the sets and special effects. This puts further pressure on the show to be a stand out success.

It could go either way with the Revolution TV show. I really enjoyed what I have seen of it so far. However, I really enjoyed Terra Nova and that was cancelled after one season, mainly for the reasons stated above.

Over 8 million people have already seen the trailer for Revolution which gives you an insight into how much NBC have been promoting this show. It seems to be the mentality of "go big or go home" and that's what will happen with this TV series. If audiences feel that the Revolution series lives up to the hype then it could do well. However, if audiences feel disappointed, or let down, then this will be another series for the cancellation bin.

Revolution Trailer


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    • profile image

      Stargrrl 3 years ago

      I really liked this show too, but stopped watching it in Season 2 for work reasons. Too bad it was canceled...had some real good storylines. I also wanted to see more of the backstory with Uncle Miles, when he was a bad guy.

    • profile image

      BW022 5 years ago

      If the power did go out... including vehicles... well over 90% of the population would die from lake of infrastructure -- inability to grown/distribute food, lack of clean water, disease, no hospitals, etc. plus all the fighting. However, there are 300 million firearms in the United States -- not including military weapons. The number of rounds of ammunition are likely in the trillions. There are more weapons in the US today... than all the small arms used in WWII.

    • profile image

      jake 5 years ago

      What happens to Facebook when the power goes out?....Uh oh.......Somebody might say something about you and you won't find it online! Better get it all in now while the power is still on....

    • profile image

      Me 5 years ago

      I think just people who even know how to make those things are too busy running for their own lives too not to mention some might be even killed or starved to death already, plus if they know how to make it they'd hid themselves

      Away from militia or they'll prolly get used. I do find it funny there seem

      To be no bikes or roller blades or scooters


      For people to get around.

    • profile image

      hihih 5 years ago

      um... what if all the stuff that powers ANYTHING stops working? like the gears in them can't turn? or a power surge? it cousld be anyhting!

    • profile image

      Lybrah 5 years ago

      It's weird that not only the power went out, but cars and batteries stopped working. Interesting premise, though. Good storylines. I like the flashbacks.

    • profile image

      Dragonborn 5 years ago

      Here's something that everybody forgot about... bicycles. In real life, there are far more bicycles around the globe than there are horses. Where are all the bicycles in the TV show? It's much easier to trek across the country on a decent mountain bike than walking.

    • Lauryallan profile image

      Lauryallan 5 years ago

      Yeah like they did in Falling Skies - They got cars, motorcycles and small electronics working again. They haven't really done that in Revolution except for with the pendant...

    • profile image

      David 5 years ago

      Did you notice that guns work but cars don't? Guns and cars work on the same principal. If you can make a fire, you can get a car to work (at least an older one which doesn't have an electronic ignition). Bunch of motorcycles would work really well!

    • profile image

      Dan 5 years ago

      I know! They did it with lasers,...or nanotechnology,...or atomic radation,...or maybe the ninth ray that Curiosity discovered in the hold of that wrecked Barsoomian Air Ship. What airship? Sorry, the Men in Black deleted the photos from the NASA website. Now,...please look into the light...

    • Lauryallan profile image

      Lauryallan 5 years ago

      em I'm pretty sure it's a tv show. I think that would be a tad too complicated for the average Joe to get. It's not real guys, it's just a fantasy tv show. They'll come up with some really weird reason at some point or the show will be cancelled b4 it even gets that far. That's how it tends to work...

    • profile image

      Dan 5 years ago

      The only way I can figure that 'electricity stops' without everybody dropping in their tracks, is if metals cease to be conductive. Our nerves function through ionic transfer which is different. Immobilize the outer valence electrons of metals and all significant electricity would cease without killing all life on the planet. Of course all metals will become black and unreflective. They'd also lose their thermal conductivity, mallability, and ductility. Guns would blow up, steam engines would not work, blacksmithing would be impossible. Even metal frying pans would fail to work very well. Obviously this is not happening so the producers didn't do their homework.

      I'm not sure if it would affect the earth's magnetic field which is created by a metallic molten core.

    • Lauryallan profile image

      Lauryallan 5 years ago

      Maybe it's been simplified for the mass American market. Most people aren't interested in working out the mechanics, they just want an interesting story to pass the time. Half of them only have the tv on as background noise...

    • Jeffy Jeffers profile image

      Jeffy Jeffers 5 years ago

      So... combustion works sometimes, but sometimes it doesn't? Like, oil/alcohol/gasoline combustion in car engines magically doesn't work, but gunpowder combustion works in firearms? Also, bullet reloading? Surplus ammo? I personally know individuals which own firearms from WWII that are still fully operational... I don't see how the vast majority of firearms would magically break. Making bullets is trivial, the primer being the most complicated part. Did books disappear in the 15 years since the "event?" Sure, let's say that the "event" made people lose basic knowledge, such as making gunpowder from human waste and sulfur, or how a gun works, but there must be an applicable book in nearly every public library. While I hate everything about this show, I still think it'll do well. This is primarily because too many people don't understand relational physics, or simply don't care to.

    • profile image

      MikeSterns 5 years ago

      Lack of firearms is a PLOT device and a poor one at that. As for 15 years being enough to end the existing supply....

      Yes Ammo will get harder to make / find

      Those that have reloading supplies / gear will find ways to make more.

      Casting lead bullets is easy many re-loaders make there own, and many books show how to make a shot tower to make round projectiles

      If you have the time (15 years should be plenty) many a home workshop tools (belt driven) could be converted to steam, waterwheel or muscle power, so new molds could be created with some effort. Given even a slow lathe bullets can be machined. Old Diesels engines need no electrical system and can run on veg oil... just a thought

      As for powder and primers, the stuff in cap guns can be used as a priming compound (not the best but it works) and simple black powder can be made, but the amount of usable powers stockpiled as Artillery propellant will give some one a HUGE amount of ready to go propellant

      the 1632 series of books discuss this a lot (note the goofed on the primers I think)

    • profile image

      Blingo 5 years ago

      There are more than a few technological problems with this show.

      For example, the industrial revolution got started and grew exponentially without the benefit of electricity. Think steam engines, water power, wind power. Why aren't we seeing any steam powered cars, factories, homes in this show? Not to mention, trains and ships?

      And yes, there were plenty of guns in use before the advent of electricity. We managed to kill 750,000 Americans with these guns in the Civil War.

      As to WHY the power went out, I'm leaning towards a reversal of the earth's magnetic poles. This would wreak havoc with electrical power, its transmission, and maybe even its usage. Of course there could be some fantastical other reason the writers thought up, which might answer the questions better than a mere polar shift.

      The complete collapse of all governments? Again, far-fetched. Yes, the loss of all electricity would have a devastating effect on government, commerce, and society in general. But it doesn't necessarily follow that the survivors would reject their governments and engage in the free-for-all depicted in this series. And I very much doubt the military forces of various nations would roll over and play dead - which is what they'd have to do in order for near anarchic militias to take over.

      Maybe it's LOST all over again. Just a bad dream from someone who forgot to pay their utility bill...

    • profile image

      Guest 5 years ago

      But even the guards of the militia are using muzzle-loaded black powder rifles. This is totally unrealistic -- if you have lead, black powder, and primers (all necessary for these rifles) then you have all the ingredients to reload the trillions of spent shell casings from today's semi- and full-auto firearms. I can do this in my garage with no electricity. Ok, the general citizenry gave up their firearms under martial law (scary, but plausible). But the most powerful militia on the contintent is shooting black powder???? Not a chance. (By the way, the Eotech sights on the guards' rifles at the milita camp require BATTERIES. Someone doesn't know firearms very well.)

    • profile image

      Tango 5 years ago

      Actually, the firearms depicted are percussion lock muzzleloaders - the most modern firearms before the adent of the modern brass cartridge. And the Captain is depicted with the only semiautomatic pistol. I get the feeling that all of the events in the first epsode occur in areas far from the ctral sea of power - where tose who hve risen will have consolidated all of the military tech that still works. Mention is mde of an edict that declares posession of firearms by other than Militia personnel is a hanging offense - so it makes sen that most firearms have gone underground or been stockpiled.

    • Lauryallan profile image

      Lauryallan 5 years ago

      I can imagine that after the world went dark there was a lot of anarchy and gun warfare. I can imagine that a lot of guns and ammunitions were stockpile/used. It has been 15 years...

    • profile image

      Confuzzled 5 years ago

      This lack of real guns makes no sense. There are more civilian-owned firearms in the US than is owned by every military in the world combined. There are hundreds of thousands of trillions rounds of ammunition in the US. And that's not even including reloading supplies. We're supposed to accept the absence of modern firearms and not question the fact that the only firearm we've seen used was a two hundred some odd year old flintlock? Really?

    • Lauryallan profile image

      Lauryallan 5 years ago

      I don't think it's a case of they have forgotten over a 15 year span. I think it's more a case of we stopped making these things by hand many years before that. People are used to machines doing things for them. When was the last time you saw a blacksmith on the high street heating up a forge? I have to say it's been a while for me....

      Yeah I can see the link to the Hunger Games. Charlie is very similar to Katniss Everdeen and times are very basic.

      Will the show work? Well it's sci-fi so if it doesn't make sense sci-fi fans won't watch it. If it's too complicated, normal american's won't watch it. However, it has been advertized a lot and people seem really interested and are anticipating watching it.

      Why not give it a chance and take it from there. I thought the pilot was actually ok. I'm not a science geek, but I am a huge sci-fi/fantasy fan and I like secrets, mystery and a good conspiracy theory. I like to work the plot lines out and try and beat the show to the big reveal. However, others watch tv so they can drone out after a long day at work. Each to their own.

    • profile image

      BailKing 5 years ago

      I guess 15 years is a long time for every Chemist in the world to forget how gunpowder is made. I guess 15 years is too long and all the foundries in the world forgot how to forge steel. I guess 15 years is too long for every scientist in the world to remember where he or she got their PHDs?Come on......really....this show is going to be a dud, because it is sooooooooooooo unrealist. If there was some way that every electrical impulse was extinguished....Guess what?.....EVERY LIVING THING WOULD BE DEAD! Electrical impulses is what keeps our hearts beating and our brains functioning. Without electricity....WE WOULD DIE. Again....this Network did not think this out at all. They wanted to piggyback off of HUNGER GAMES, and it isn't going to work. NBC has cancelled a lot of great shows only to create one of the most stupid shows to come. Bravo....Dumb Asses!