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Rob Kazinsky

Updated on July 12, 2017
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Kim has many hubs on entertainment especially movies, and actors. she wrote for Squidoo and now has her own blog

The Kazinsky Kraze begins

The U.K. knows him as Caper Rose of Dream Team or Sean Slater of East Enders but those of you in the States

have gotten to know him as either Chuck Hansen in Pacific Rim or as Ben Flynn (or for those of you who haven't watched this summer's season of True Blood I won't ruin it but he's the wrapped gift, of the plot twist of who he is...I wasn't surprised but I don't stop the joking on it!)

This 6' foot frame Scorpio babe was born November 18, 1983 in Chuckfield Sussex England, and grew up on Brighton. Rob or as I call him Kaz, has an older brother by 4 or 5 years. Rob is a self admitted Geek; (or Nerd in his words, though in my definition there's a difference) Playing video games (WoW), and totally so with his first visit ever to Comic Con in the summer of 2013. He said he was there both as a fan as well as for the True Blood Panel.

With his last name I knew he had some slavic decent and figured he'd be Russian or Czech but on his page says he's from the Poland/Russia family Ashkenzai (I think that is a PERFECT name for some who has been biting necks of late.. or is that more of them biting him) Adter finding out about this 'Kazinsky 'liniage' I found it's just his 'stage name'

You can learn more about Rob here including an adorable baby photo and more (even a few things I had not heard)

2013 Breakout stars

more of Rob's Bio here

Check out this cute video his girlfriend took

Warcraft promo


Releases June 10 2016

directed by Duncan Jones (@Manmademoon)

Production: Legendary Pictures, Blizzard Entertainment and Atlas Entertainment production & Released by Universal Pictures.

Which side do you fight on? click thumbnail to choose

Stars: Rob Kazinsky as the Horde's Ogrim DoomHammer, Toby Kebbel as Durotan,Clancy Brown as Blackhand, , and Daniel Wu as Gul’Dan, with Paula Patton’s Garona

‘Warcraft’: Check out a Side-by-Side Comparison of the Actors and Their Orcs

Dominick Cooper as King Llane Wrynn Travis Fimmel as the Alliance's Anduin Lothar Ben Foster as Medivh, Ben Schnetzer as Khadgar, and Ruth Negga as Lady Taria

Loot Crate Magazine interview with WarCraft's Rob Kazinsky (you'll need to flip a few pages)



Warcraft’: Duncan Jones and Rob Kazinsky Visit PAX, Introduce New BTS Clip

why-orgrim-is-warcrafts-biggest-and-baddest-brawler (vid)

on Seth Meyers

Second Chance Promo

Get your second chance to see the show

Second Chance

premier January 13, 2016 on Fox

originally titled 'Frankenstein Code' is about a disgraced cop who is brought back to life in another's body. (basically Frankenstein without all the stitches) a sci-fi drama and is also listed as Horror but I don't see anything horror about it.

Not only does it star Rob as Ray Pritchard but

White Collar's Tim DeKay as his son Duval

Dilshad Vadsaria & Adhir Kalyan ... as Mary & Otto Goodwin


Read my review here * Rob on Conan

see more on

EYECANDY of the Pacific Rim

Upcoming Projects

______Title ~ Status ~ Year ~ release date______

Siren (October 26 2013)

Kingdom of Rain ~(announced)

On Sunday brunch 1

The presenter

Films & other miscellany fodder

East Enders as Sean (would really like to see this show, there's a few other actors that have been in it just wish I knew what season)

Dream Team as Casper Rose

He played Ronnie Powell in Law & Order L.A. for a single guest spot

Dr. Rick Appleton in Brothers & Sisters for 2 episodes

In Red Tails he played Chester

Ben Flynn in True Blood season 6

Why Chuck hansen of Pacific Rim is one viewers fave character

Upcoming Projects=

Siren (in post production with no release date yet) as Guy

and the just announced Kingdom of Rain as Prior

another Pacific Rim interview

Pacific Rim interview

PR - Robot Quiz

Pacific Rim Premire

Pacific Rim [Blu-ray]
Pacific Rim [Blu-ray]

Order the massive scale monster & robot movie This is the review I wrote for my Movie Mania lens

With Monsters and robots of this size I had to see it in the theater. I've told at least one person after seeing it that unless you have a tv bigger than a theater screen, then see it in the theater. I know I wouldn't have enjoyed this as much just watching it as a dvd or blu-ray on one of the tvs in my house, and I'm glad that tho' my leg was killing me & was limping but I'm so sick of being in pain I took the risk of making it work & went to see it in the theater. Well when they say go big this is HUGE, and if it comes down to these Kiju or Zombies… I will definitely take the zombies! (at least they are more likely my size. I can deal with on my own). I loved there was FINALLY a monster movie the likes of Godzilla (or at least for this era, unlike that J.J. Abrams one that was out years ago & I can't even remember the name of it!) Not only do we have creepy monsters from below the earth beside the Monolithic Robots we also have drama, some dojo action in finding a partner best compatible to our hero when he's called back to action. The fight scenes are pretty quick and for me were not long enough. I hope there will be a sequel so long as Charlie Hunnam will be in it. It was enjoyable, more so here I am sure than it would have been if I had waited for rental. (Wouldn't have been as 'star struck' so to speak. With the big huge eyes when we see the first Jaeger robot (meaning Hunter) as well as the Kaiju which means big Monster or Large Beast. I say go see it in the theater while you have the chance. I went back to being a wondrous kid again seeing the Robots and 'aliens' even though I'm quite sure how they made them. B


Pacific Rim premire 2

Comic con 2013 interview

Break out star

If he doesn't win any awards for Breakout I'm sure he'll have at least one nomination for the award. He's got one with the Avatar Awards

Zinging Facts

Favorite Actor .... the late great Robin Williams

I think I remember from an article he was picked on for his 'Red' hair. Does his look like a 'Ginger' to you? I think I even recall him in the article mentioning something about England & Scotland being at war and the Scots were redheads (duh) ."It's only alright to be ginger if you're Prince Harry"

He is True Bloods NAKEDEST character EVER

He's an expert gamer having spent years playing World of Warcraft. He once ranked in the Top 10 of World of Warcraft Shutting himself in after a three year stint on the famous Brit soap East Enders and gluing himself to the game for around 16 hours a day.

He's stubborn and has been known to throw a tantrum sharing the trait with both of his new characters In Pacific Rim and True Blood respectively.

He's always wanted to go to Comic-Con saying: "it's my mecca, and where I've always wanted to go"

He's studied martial arts

He originally trainded to be a stuntman and was into sword fighting and even used to teach it. (Well bring a couple over here and let's have a Scorpio death match!?)

He did his own stunts and fights during Pacific Rim and his favorite part of the job.

He originally had the role of Filli in 2012 for The Hobbit, but due to personal reasons he had to back out.


East Enders - Sean Slater

I wish I could find this 'series' (as they say in the U.K. or as we say in the states each year is a season & the show itself is a tv series) of the show.

The only things I really know about this is

* it's a soap so not likely to find on video

* He's bascially a villain in it

*He Plays Sean Slater

which from what I've seen is a total ARSE jerk or whatever of that sort you might want to call him.

East enders tour

He's True Blood's

NAKEDEST character EVER!

True Blood (s6)

Ben Flynn/ Macklyn Warlow

(I didn't know until I looked at IMDB that Warlow had a first name)

Rob has a great devilish grin so that's one trait I'm sure they hired him for.

We first meet Rob as Ben Flynn in True Blood a fairy, which Sookie tries to help, whenshe finds him Vampire bitten.

As the season goes on, we find out his true identity, is Warlow the Vampire that Sookie has been promised to and thinks she is his soul mate.

Warlow was turned by Lillith the vampire 'god' and recall him mentioning in the show that he's (at least) 6,000 but I believe an article noted he was five thousand, regardless Entertainment Weekly noted at the end of their August 2nd issue that wuld make Warlow "twice as old as Russell Edgington, six times older than Eric Northman our favorite Viking Vamp, 40 times as old as Bill Compton which all makes for a very intimidating presence. To his character's power he says "When youa re the most powerful guy on the showm, things can get scary for eveybody else"

Character Connections: Sookie, Jason Stackhouse, Bill Compton, Eric Northman

Rob as Warlow - The Fairy & Vampire

Rob's famous scene with Ryan Kwanten from True Blood

Warlows Death

True Blood 2013 comic con interview

True Blood 2013 Comic con panel

True bLood com con panel 2

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