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Skyline Movie Review

Updated on October 13, 2014

Skyline is a sci-fi thriller that is due to be released in cinema's on the 12th November 2010, its directed by Colin and Greg Strause and written by Joshua Cordes and Liam O'Donnell, the movie is distributed by Universal Pictures.

Among the cast are Eric Balfour, Donald Faison, David Zayas, Scottie Thompson. Brittany Daniel and Crystal Reed.

The movie is set in Los Angeles where a strange light start drawing people outside. After a night out partying a group of friends get distracted when a beaming light starts to awaken everyone in Los Angeles, during the night they realise that once people are addicted to the light they suddenly vanish into thin air. They soon discover an Alien force is swallowing the entire population off the face of the earth and now the group of survivors must fight for their lives as the world unravels around them. It shows friends Terry and Jarrod up on the roof of an apartment building where they can see several freaky blue streaks coming from the clouds all over the city, they later discover that these blue streaks are in fact high tech vacuums that are sucking human beings out of the streets and into their enormous space ships. The survivors all try to escape but when a giant Alien foot crushes one of the cars blocking their escape path they discover they cant get out. By now the military are involved and are trying to nuke the main space ship, they discover that the Aliens what to get into the humans heads (literally) but will anyone make it out alive???

See the trailer below.


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    • profile image

      STUpid 6 years ago

      This is non sense

    • profile image

      sagar92 6 years ago

      this movie is really really boring wid no proper civilizations battle.a really boring movie.

    • profile image

      Nim 6 years ago

      I loved this movie! It had me engrossed and interested the entire time and on the edge of my seat! Main character guy is good looking! Loved the movie!

    • profile image

      Mondo 6 years ago

      I just watched it on DVD and I have to say, the film has promise. I like the premise, I think rather than the heroic bullshit we see in films like Independence Day or Battlefield: Los Angeles, what we see in Skyline is really how the human race would react to an alien invasion. That is to say, clueless and desperate.

      Imagine being hit by a force we have never seen or known of before - would we be able to recover quickly enough to mount a counter-attack within a few days? History suggest not, as we can see from how the civilised world was initially befuddled with how to deal with the onslaught from Tartar or Mongol attacks. So this film's depiction of the human response to an alien invasion is far more realistic to me than any of the previous alien invasion movies I have watched (and I have watched a lot of them).

      The acting is rather limited and at times you feel as if the filmakers have run out of story to hold the acting together. But overall I would say this is not as bad as some people here make it out to be. But then, I love European cinema more than Hollywood ones, so maybe I can take not-so-happy endings better than the average mainstream cinema goer.

    • profile image

      unreasonable 6 years ago

      Ok first of all, I don't really understand how many people can downgrade this movie to an extent. It was actually not that bad, the story plot was as equal with many crappy movies coming out these days. But; This movie is a sa-fi movie and nonetheless it didn't copy the typical drama endings, it had a more interesting twist to it. Making people get agitated because it didn't end like other same movies like they predicted.

      I give this movie atleast 3/5 stars! And would recommend it, so that you can have the experiences such as disappointment or the "WTF?!" thought.

    • profile image

      Such a Shmoe 6 years ago

      May contain MINOR spoilers!

      To be honest, I liked it! Its nice to watch a movie once in a while that doesnt say if we ever went up against aliens we're always going to win or survive to repopulate the world, but shows the truth that we really wouldn't be able to deal with something like this. I for one watch movies for the special effects and Wacky/unique experiences and leave the plot and story line for books. With this mind-set, the movie was great fun unlike those movies that are all dark, mysterious, and never show you what the aliens/monsters look like . One thing that im hoping for would be a video game that latches on to the ending and lets you find out what happens that guy and his GF, like the movie was just one big trailer for a game(as stupid as that may sound) I will admit I was dissapointed at the acting at times, and the fact that they kept pushing for the water which made no sence to me at all because the aliens could fly.

      If you are like me and just want to have fun with an alien invasion movie it would be a good idea to rent it for a slow evening and mix things up a bit.

    • profile image

      jgodmoney 6 years ago

      i just bought it..... now im scared to watch it cause everyone said itwas horrible except like three people!!

    • profile image

      Asnap 6 years ago

      Really? Wow. Hollywoods' really going down hill. However, I was laughing so hard I started crying. My teenage son was in playing some videos and asked me how the lame movie was. Between telling him about the end and laughing so hard, I managed to squeak in " How romantic." And it was another two minutes before I could stop laughing.

    • profile image

      Shabadoo 6 years ago

      Just bought it, just finished watching it, then came on the Internet to see if anyone else went WTF to the ending.

      It's true it really doesn't have any plot, wasnt worth the money I paid for it, I'd rent it or wait till it comes cheap.

      I did like the effects tho! Sick massive alien monster things running around, then the what i thought were sick plane dog fighting air scenes! There was a good tension point aswell where they're in the building for the second time watching the massive alien things vs people fighting back on the ground via telescope, that was kinda cool.

      Other than for watching it for "sick massive alien things with pretty decent air dog fighting scenes" it's kinda crap. Really. Just watch it for the "sick massive alien things" which look real btw! So don't worry about crappy cgi.

      The ending.. Its GOT TO have a sequel, they can't end it with that without a sequel seriously. The last 10mins build up to something so SICK, verging on epic! Then MOTERF***ING CREDITS! Ugh.

    • profile image

      Javier Chan 6 years ago

      and do you have more about related

    • profile image

      Ullragg 6 years ago

      The movie was so-so

      I really like the concept and the effects were extremely good!

      And I would watch pretty much any movie starring David Zayas. Not 'cause he's hot or anything, cause he isn't, but because his acting is brilliant

      The other actors were also pretty good. Or well, the male ones, the and the pregnant lady

      the others were not as good, but still better than stuff like scary movie or piranha

      however the way the storyline was set out... not so much

      it was too close to cloverfield, except that cloverfield's storyline is all that much more realistic.

      I did like the ending though, somehow, but they should've ended it a bit more properly

      I wouldn't watch a Skyline 2 though, that would just ruin it. A movie I'd watch again, but mostly for David Zayas

    • profile image

      Meh 6 years ago

      Aliens flying arund town eating humans? There's an ap for that.

    • profile image

      Wizard Luxas 7 years ago

      this movie is so bad that it should have rotten tomato's at it.. no plot, looked good like phantoms, stole from war of the world, and then from independence day.. and even versions of others movies like Jurassic park.. and he can turn on and off the skill of the aliens... ST****ooooped

      i give this movie 5 wangs down....

    • profile image

      bostongeorge 7 years ago

      So this movie looked good but sucked. I guess there will be a sequel ? There was potential in this but some how it seemed to repeat it self. Lets hang in the building, no lets go out, no in the building, no out, noo monster, noo monste, noo end..

    • profile image

      olweizSmiley 7 years ago

      The special effects are great! The aliens or whatever they are look really real! But the story? i don't know... or was there any story at all?? I think the story really is just trying to scape and survive from the alien invaders. If not because of the part when Jarrod's brain was taken by the aliens and put into a new alien, who later on defended elaine, the movie would have been a total waste. Thanks to that part it somehow made sense. Actually, i think the movie is kinda unique!! A little bit of hanging but not totally bad... :)

    • profile image

      John 7 years ago

      I think its just a prequel to another movie or maybe a tve series. If your paying attention they are setting the main character to be some kind super hero.

    • profile image

      Dexdarknight 7 years ago

      At first the movie was looking good, the FX was amazing, actors are great and after Jarod brain took control of the alien and protected Elaine I said wow the story is looking really good and then boom! It blows things up, disappointment happens, its like reading a good comic book w/ the last pages torn out. I think the director said, well people since it's a sci-fi story I let you decide how it's gonna end! in your brain!!!! hahaha!!! saves us money and brain to consume!

    • profile image

      spauldding1324 7 years ago

      it was so good. even though it had no plot it was still interesting. the ending was like a cliff hanger, what is going to happen to the human race. even though a lot dident get it it still had meaning. so back off all you haters to the movie even if you dident like it still was a good movie. they put alot of hard work into a movie, and this is how you show about it. how sucky it is. they give you entertainment and most of you denied it onlty to see it's flaws and not it's pros about the movie

    • profile image

      Felix 7 years ago

      Whoa, this was bad. And the danger ain't over, this movie is still out there somewhere, endangering lives.

      Is it a movie? Usually, a movie has a plot, some characters and more or less entertaining dialogue. All this is almost nonexistent in "Skyline". It's not about the ending (although it seems to be solely added to set up a sequel - money, money, money!), but it's the dreadful, boring journey till we get to the end what bothers me. And the ending is inconclusive, it's neither a bad nor a happy ending, it just ends. But from the looks of it, it seems that it will be a happy end, some superhero stuff coming up. But it's so boring!

      Some people claim it's about realism, a bunch of morons would act and talk like they do, but why watch them? After half the movie everyone in the audience was hoping they get put out of their misery soon. What's the point? Are there no other survivors that we can follow? Some with common sense, or a sense of humour, or some creative ideas - anything!

      Plotwise, it's a waste of time. They are about to get sucked up in the first minute, then they run around the building for a few minutes, getting some killed, hiding in the apartment and arguing dumb stuff, then getting sucked up. Only after the sucking up something remotely interesting happens, so they were wasting our time and now we have to wait for a sequel? No sir, I'm not paying another dime. If there's a sequel, I'll watch it for free, the fimmakers owe me a movie!

    • profile image

      Misty Mike 7 years ago

      What none of you realize is that this is a total metaphor for what happens to sinners at death. The monsters are a metaphor for the demons who, according to one woman's testimony at, "They roam around the earth, as thick as a swarm of flies, and you do not even notice it." The heroes are fornicating machines, as one would expect from modern Skinner box addicts (TV, internet, rock 'n roll, I-pods, MP3 players, cell phones, etc.), and their faces become stained with streaks of spider web strands and darkened, another metaphor for how sin overcomes the soul. Then, ultimately, the final condemnation of being in the pit of an alien ship, the brains and spines of those captured are put in demonic forms, instantly going into combat against each other. Hell, in other words. And exactly as an African American behind me stated, "Oh, my phuquing gosh! Oh, phuque! Oh, phuque." the exasperation of being in such a prison for the rest of your lives is the metaphor for eternal damnation. Google Josepha Menendez for more information.

    • profile image

      arodney 7 years ago

      This is the worse movie i have ever seen dont go and see it

    • profile image

      rsd 7 years ago

      so...i should watch it or i shouldn't??

    • profile image

      Van Rod 7 years ago

      Cloverfield meets Forrest Gump in Melrose Place! It sucked bigtime!

      Save your money and your time.

    • profile image

      maigreengirl 7 years ago

      honestly i like it at first!!!... the effects are nice and the struggling for survival seems hopeless that makes me think what could be the ending of the story... while watching this movie there are a lot of things popping out of my mind... hoping for a great ending... then!! puff!! what a disappointment!!!... the story went so weird that doesn't make any sense at all!!!!... the audience must make conclusions in order to understand the story!!!... i am so disappointed of the ending!!!!

    • profile image

      tyson 7 years ago

      in soviet russia movies are better :D

    • profile image

      wtf was this? 7 years ago

      WTF I just wasted $14!! F**K HOLLYWOOD. I expected something better for my money. No story at all (like at least they could've added some story, liek for example: the film could've started out with SETI institute sending out a new type of signal, and the protagonist happens to not only work there but also proposes of using the new type of signal despite getting warnings from folks like steven hawkings, then he goes on vacation to LA to chill and party, and then suddenly teh lights appear and the protagonist gets a frantic call from SETI saying that earth is screwed and thus the ordeal begins).

      Also like some have asked: WHERE IS THE NAVY? I mean cmon, a few fighter jets and 1 nuke? 1 NUKE?!?!? (also the ENTIRE area is supposed to get blown to bits and everyone shouldve died when they are that close to a nuke), IS THIS ALL WHAT WE HAVE GOT?!? after the US spends $600bil/yr of tax payer money IS THIS the best the military can do?? And where are the other 9999 nukes that the US alone has?

      I'm not pissed that there wasn't a happy ending. I just expected the human side to have put up a vastly better fight, and that this film actually have a story! Honestly if this is what passes for entertainment these days, then I fear the worst for ppl's level of intelligence.

    • profile image

      MattiasA 7 years ago

      One of the best movie ever and I am a HUGE fan of movies. I go to the cinemas usally like 8 times a month. I once said to my friends that if i ever was a producer I would make 50 % of the movies ending bad and the rest ending good so people watching the movies cant predict the end. But usally people i told this dont like that and i just dont understand it. Why does almost EVERYONE want all the movies to end good?? Isnt it boring to know how the movies ends all the time? The only thing I did not like was howver the ending because it was a little bit too tricky how it all hapend but i really like that it was so surprising but we have not seen the second movie yet. What we see is more like what goes around these people in the movie. About the navy and things, well, we dont know why they did not show up? Maybe the aliens did something first. I like that they made you think in the end. Anyone saying this is the worst movie ever have not seen barb wire. Its if you ask me really one of the best movies ever made. I love that the aliens really crush ous and so many surprising things that you did not expect.

      Please, more unpredictable movies like this.

      2nd best movie i seen after lord of the rings..

    • profile image

      Hawkelly 7 years ago

      Why oh Why! Do we need another depressing Alien Scenario, when all along the obvious solution is to use the Solution in Our Car Batteries. Good Old Acid! Deadly to Alkaloid Light Brain eating Creatures. Pass the Syringes and Battery tapping tools and NEVER fool with a race of humans that make Sport of War!!!WE ARE THE P`HATHAL!!! Masters of Quantum mechanics and Time Guardians!

    • profile image

      Reagan 7 years ago

      The movie didn't pull me in at all. I was watching it on my laptop and Jail(not a very interesting show) was on my tv. I had a hard time stopping my eyes from wondering from Skyline to Jail.

      Ending was terrible if that could even be considered an ending.

    • profile image

      Mariukas 7 years ago

      Movie wasn't so bad, until the end...

      Did it end at all ???

      It was getting good and then just ended nowhere !!!

      Now I will just have to wait all year, or more for skyline 2 ???

      C'mon movies never end like this....

      I am disappointed. Even Cloverfield with shaky camera was better...

      The only good thing about it was, that I watched a copy...

    • profile image

      Bigx 7 years ago

      Wacthed cam rip

      so happy that I dint waste 10 euro for cinema

      And the end of it ?????? WTF !!!!! Did it end at all or what was is???

    • profile image

      jason 7 years ago

      the movie was good just that the ending was a bit confusing

    • profile image

      doom 7 years ago

      movie was cool up untell last 3/4 of it...and ending was dumbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb!!!!!!!

    • profile image

      Flustrered and Embarrased 7 years ago

      Saw this movie on advice from my present girlfriend (soon to be Ex, with this line of thinking rambling about in her head). Laughed through the entire thing. Not what was intended, I'm hoping. No pun, but I had severe Brain Pains after that stupiferous ending. Yes, I think Stupiferous is the word, even if I just made it up.

    • profile image

      Rob 7 years ago

      It would have been a better ending if the Pregnant woman just woke up and it had all just been just her dream!

    • profile image

      Instigator 7 years ago

      Horribly disappointing ending, one of the worst ever. It's like they suddenly ran out of money AND ideas. We actually enjoyed it until the final seconds, the end was so bad that it soured the previous 90 minutes.

    • profile image

      Moongold 7 years ago

      Cannot understand ANY negatives about this movie = it is FANTASTIC. For a reportedly small budget it has achieved wonders. Straight into the story, no low-life flesh parts, boobs, butts etc - tension from start to finish! TOP CLASS, as far as I'm concerned. Very cleverly done.

    • profile image

      Nick 7 years ago

      If, for some random reason, in many years to come, you find this film somewhere (probably because nobody will want to own it) and it is playable and you have 90 mins of life you are more than happy to waste with a growing anger inside of you then I recommend this film. Otherwise, just be grateful you have read these comments and will never feel the urge to scratch your eyeballs out!

    • profile image

      Patrick 7 years ago

      Worst movie I have ever seen! The people who say it's the end of the world and that it's not supposed to be funny don't get it. It's a movie! I want to be entertained, NOT WIERDED OUT or SADDENED! During the movie, I was constantly asking myself "What the hell is that?" "How does that work?" and "Should that really be happening?" in addition to "Why would that EVER happen?" and I was never able to answer any of them. There were no explanations for anything and the acting was terrible. The characters were just expendable dummies meant to make us say "Damn, I would hate to be him/her" I did not feel a bit sad when they all died because they gave me no reason to. In every good movie, the characters make you either love or hate them by forming emotional connections; none of those here. It was like a blend of Independence Day, War of the Worlds, and some awful movie that contaminated the previous 2. I would pay to un-see this movie. If I could only have one adjective to describe it, it would be "Yuck".

    • profile image

      reedy27 7 years ago

      like the ending.think there was a lot of copying aliens from crysis game.could have been a great movie,only if the hybrid human was at the start and fights for human kind

    • profile image

      Arron. 7 years ago

      I went to see it with the worst expectations bar the effects and actually quite enjoyed it.Its nothing more than a whizz bang popcorn movie,not shakespeare.

    • profile image

      JC 7 years ago

      The fact that some people actually like this dreadful film just goes to show it really IS the end of the world. I'd shudder to see your DVD collections.

      This movie makes Battlefield Earth look like Empire Strikes Back. It wasn't even amusing accidentally. These clowns must have flunked out of film school.

    • profile image

      Ivie 7 years ago

      I agree the movie was really awesome in principle and potential. The FX were pretty great but the ending was like "huh? I want that hour and a half of my life back."

    • profile image

      Wid14 7 years ago

      The worst movie ever!!!! I still can't believe Hollywood made this!!! I think this is a comedy movie. (when I saw the ending, I was laughing. Honestly). Save your money and time.

    • profile image

      mn 7 years ago


    • profile image

      mhb 7 years ago

      Worst ending in the world. Who wants to know that everyone in the world is pretty much dead, and the hot guy of course gets killed. What happened to happy endings?

    • profile image

      mac 7 years ago

      If u guys really thought this movie was the worst than u need to get out more. It was the end of the world. U really wanted to see the good guys win. Dam. It had cool effects. But I've have seen so much worse

    • profile image

      Mayur 7 years ago

      By the way one thing i missed, is that i totally agree to Rick and Cara above. This movie had a huge potential and yes i think the ending was stupid, i mean it was like a direct CUT. But yeah i am waiting for Skyline 2 and i hope those guys make it better and LONGER than 90 minutes. I love to watch such things...

    • profile image

      Mayur 7 years ago

      Wow, simply amazing, i watched this movie today evening and it was amazing. I really loved this movie, all those huge aliens and all, you dont get to see it in other movies just like that. All the special effects and visual effects were amazing. And this looks like a worst alien invasion nightmare, the way they entered earth and things they did to humans.

      I DO AGREE to some of the comments above, and yes this movie had a potential. The Army was shown less and come on, no tanks and Navy? Really they had to put it in 90 minutes may be that is why it lacked few things. If only it had everything that guys said above, it would be a perfect movie. Really nice concept, and everything, i loved it a LOT still. Amazing movie.

    • profile image

      G dog 7 years ago

      If this is a joke of getting back to FOX AVPR, it is just not fair to Si-fi movie lover, it is so bad I literally felt like my brain got pull out and suck dry and then throw in the dirt and stomp on, so bad.

    • profile image

      XenoWings 7 years ago

      Looks like most people didn't like the movie... I was hoping if the review is not that bad, maybe they will have a sequeal to it as the ending is meaningless XD

    • profile image

      Ed 7 years ago

      I've watched and read plenty of Sci-Fi in my time... Even tried to write a bit of it. Thsi was the worst without equal!!!

      This movie made "Night of the Lepus" look like a five star movie!

    • profile image

      Mackie 7 years ago

      BEST MOVIE EVER. I don't care what all of the other people say this movie was worth the high cost of a movie theater.

      In this movie the characters never said that the creatures were "aliens" they didn't know what they were. The movie didnt have much of a story line, but it didnt need one. It was the "end of the world as we know it" setting that told the whole story. The twist at the end where Jarrod got his brain taken out and put in the creature, I thought that was a very bad way to end it. Then when the creature that had Jarrod's brain went to protect Elaine, I thought that was an amazing way to end the movie. It was something I wasn't expecting. I thought Skyline was a great movie. TWO THUMBS UP.

    • profile image

      James 7 years ago

      All I can say is... I want that 90 minutes of my life back!

    • profile image

      Julian 7 years ago

      I want my money back.

    • profile image

      Austin 7 years ago

      Wow, this movie out of the hour and forty minutes I watched maybe had me interested for about 6 minutes or less, they left the room in the beginning about three or four times and ended up right back in it? this movie was horrible and i do not see how they could make a number two without it being like a super hero movie

    • profile image

      JK 7 years ago

      this movie is only for VFX lovers, story wise meaningless.

    • profile image

      the kid 7 years ago

      This movie sucked balls if u see it I feel so sorry for you it looked like the ran out of money to make a better ending and why didn't the girl get powers like the dude I mean seriously, the makers of the movie should go on the news and apoligize for making such a horid movie

    • profile image

      StinkerWanker 7 years ago

      The movie lack timing and plot. If we sent out a message and show them the way home, why start out in at a party??? Plus every creature,alien or not has a weakness and being nuked should had vaporize them, plus a radius of over hundred mile, so that building should have been blown to bit's. Also we sure have a very small army I did not see more then a 50 Soldiers and only a few air force fighters. and since they was near the Pacific where was the navy? Anyway don't bother seeing the movie unless you like to spend money and not listen to a Sci fi buff.

    • profile image

      Cara 7 years ago

      This movie had potential, but the writers wrote a horrible script. The plot was stupid.The ending is excruciatingly awful. Just awful. I'm sorry, but there is no redeeming value to this movie and usually, I find something to love about any movie.

    • profile image

      melly123 7 years ago

      this movie was the worst movie ever! it was worse then bruno. its sad when everyone comes out laughing at how bad the movie was and doing things from the movie that weren't suppost to be funny. and ya i was wondering why none of the commercials were in the movie. it was a huge waste of time and money.

    • profile image

      hobbscool 7 years ago

      I think the makers had a good idea and concept but it got lost in translation. They did not know how to end it and the ending they gave it did not make any sense. Why did the other brains rebel against their captors. I also missed the news reports that were so prominent in the trailers were not in the movie. They would have given it some more context. Too bad... I had high hopes however it wasn't a total loss. It was interesting to see us lose to a race that can withstand our nukes. Seeing the ship rebuild itself reminded me of Cylons and the such.

    • profile image

      Turdpeterson 7 years ago

      I enjoyed it, people just dont like movies where we dont find some sort of weakness and have heroic comback like ever other movie. Didnt like the acting ? how would act if that really happen. they where confused, scared, and overwelmed by a unstopable force.

    • profile image

      joe joe 7 years ago

      worse No the worse ever movie ever made, don't waste your hard earn money its not even a good rental movie....

    • profile image

      Nate 7 years ago

      I just can't put into words how terrible this movie really is. I mean, this movie makes Zoolander look professional. So let me make this simple. Don't watch it. You'll save yourself a very precious 90 minutes of your life by not watching it. It's your funeral if you don't believe me.

    • profile image

      Rick  7 years ago

      If the Writer/Director only scrapped the story line after the abduction of the humans and rewrote the script to emulate Independence Day, then the movie would have stood a chance. Terrible middle and ending. Very confusing and disapointing. Should have gone to see the new Saw.

    • profile image

      flex 7 years ago

      This movie was so horrible, it really made me appreciate books. This is one movie that gets 2 THUMBS DOWN!

    • profile image

      jakarta 7 years ago

      horrible, wasting my 90 mins

    • profile image

      Manu 7 years ago

      This is the waste movie.i suggested to viewers don't try to see the movie.very badddddd

    • profile image

      Just 7 years ago

      The ending is so weird, neither happy nor sad style. It's good to give audiences something to imagine, but this just doesn't make a sense, day1, day2, day3, it looks very serious, then what? A hybrid alien human stands and fight as another earth saviour after Bat man, Super Man, X Man, Transformer, or XX Man? Is it what the story all about? Or it's just the scripter had gone too far down the track and suddenly realized no way end the story?

    • profile image

      Some Person 7 years ago


    • profile image

      $killz  7 years ago

      I love these kind of movies but this one blows chunks

    • profile image

      SomeGuy 7 years ago

      i know right?

      i watched it and it was ok, it started to get good towards the end, like it was actually going somewhere possibly epic, then BAM - credits!

    • profile image

      MTReviews 7 years ago

      Honestly - Skyline is the most horrible, meaningless, storyless movie I have ever seen. Absolutely HORRIBLE.