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Star Trek The Animated Series

Updated on January 8, 2016

Looking back there were many cartoons that I watched growing up. And to be honest as an adult. But there was only one that I have wanted to get the whole series of. And that is this one.

Let me take you back many years. I remember watching and not knowing how many there were. Just hoping that it would be one that I had not seen before. And also wanting to see how much time they would give Dr. McCoy. At that time the only place you could see them was on TV. There were no DVD's no VHS tapes and no Beta tapes either.

Lets go forward in time to a comic book convention. Sorry I don't remember my age. But I had only brought a little bit of cash with me just to play it safe. And yes it had all been spent. When what did I see? It was the complete collection on VHS. Thee were two episodes on each tape. The only one I did not see was episode 13. The seller was unsure why it was not there. Also add into the picture my bank was in a different town. By the time I got back the convention would be over. No business cards to contact them later. This was not a good day for the Trekie in me.

Fast forward in time. Our local Wal-Mart had the complete collection on DVD. Yes this one. But now I was married and had kids. So I thought tax time I will get this for myself. No out of stock. When did it come back you are wondering? When all the bills were paid and the return was gone. They only had a couple in stock and after that it did not come back again.

I let it go for a while. But the Trekkie in me would not let it go. So I checked Amazon and book marked it for later. Then my sister gave me a gift card for Target. And just so you know they charge more for this then Amazon does. But it was a gift and not my own money. So after over 40 years of searching they were finally mine. I had a movie weekend of just Animated Star Trek with my son. He lost interest more than once but I didn't. I was amazed at how much I remembered. And now that I have told the story I will now do another Star Trek Cartoon weekend. Pop the corn and start the movies.

First I was talking about these videos. Now I thought it only right to give you the option to get them for yourself.

The Main Cast of The Enterprise

There were many in the cast of Star Trek the Animated Series. But this is the crew you would see every Saturday.


The Main Crew of the Animated Series

Voice Actor
William Shatner
Captain James T Kirk
Leonard Nimoy
Mr. Spock
DeForest Kelley
Dr. Leonard H McCoy
James Doohan
Montgomery Scott
Nichelle Nichols
Lt. Uhura
George Takei
Hikaru Sulu
Majel Barrett
Nurse Christine Chapel
James Doohan
Lt. Arex
Majel Barrett
Lt. M'Ress

And now for the introduction.

I like music thus the reason this one is here. And the first on the list.

As a former librarian I just had to add this one.

And sometimes you need a little something silly. Thus this video.

And of course this is the tie that I wore that first day. Once it was pointed out that I did not need to wear ties. I asked the one that pointed this out to me have you looked at the tie I am wearing? The obvious answer was "No". Moments later there was laughter in the room as everyone took time to look at the tie. And yes world I was working with computers. Building and imaging machines

If you would like to check out all my other choices of ties that I could have chosen that day then just - Click Here

I have had my eye on this one for some time now. The bad news, my only straight tie clip has disappeared. In the god news my current job does not need a tie to work. I know this as on the first day I was told no ties needed. And on the second day it was you can wear jeans not dress pants.

And knowing that jeans were available I have several buckles that I will wear with my jeans. My favorite is also my first buckle. Mr Spock from Star Trek. And again to see my other buckles just - Click Here

Star Trek All Of The Above Original Series T-Shirt L
Star Trek All Of The Above Original Series T-Shirt L

OK so I found another one for my wish list. Size - large.


Old Trekkies never die

They are just beamed into another existence

A couple of things before you go. First pull out the communicator and leave a message. Second Dr. McCoy is my favorite. Who is yours?

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    • boneworld profile image

      Jackson Thom 4 years ago from West of Left South Lucky

      I used to watch this show, too. I liked the alien that wasn't in the regular TV show. We used to always laugh, and wonder why they added him. Great lens.