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The Croods are a Modern Family in Prehistoric Times

Updated on September 23, 2014

Everyone thinks their family is odd, especially when we're a teenager. Eep Crood is no exception. As a teenager in the days of the caveman, Eep has a lot of obstacles to face. Danger lurks around every corner for her family, from finding food to making sure they don't become food. Her father, Grug, spends day and night making sure his family is safe. This means they have to spend most of their time hiding in their cave. 

Eep is sick and tired of being cooped up and isolated all of the time. She longs to explore her world. One night, she does just that. Intrigued by noises and a strange light, Eep sneaks out of the cave while her family sleeps. She follows the light and finds a young boy her age who has the ability to make fire. Guy is cute and daring and Eep is quickly attracted to him. Unfortunately, her dad has no intention of letting his daughter become friends with such a dangerous person. 

In their short meeting, Guy warns Eep that they are in terrible danger. He says that they will all die unless they can make it to the other side of a far off mountain. Grug thinks Guy is crazy and is determined to keep Eep as far away from him as possible. When The Croods' cave is destroyed by a landslide, though, they're left with little choice but to explore a new world that is full of both danger and beauty. Along the way, they'll meet many interesting creatures, some of which might win your heart as much as the Croods themselves.

Eep is thrilled to be away from the cave and out in the wild, but Grug is terrified. He demands that Guy help them find a new cave. The rest of the family wants to be safe, but they are no longer so sure that a cave is the right choice. They decide to follow Guy's advice and head for the mountain, much to Grug's displeasure. He feels rejected by his family, especially his daughter, and he struggles to regain their trust and respect. 

Even though the story takes place in prehistoric times, the universal themes of family let us relate to the characters. Eep is just like every teenage girl, wanting nothing more than to break away and be independent. Grug is the overprotective dad who doesn't want to let his daughter go. Faced with a new and potentially deadly world, the two must find a way to meet in the middle if they want to survive. 

If you haven't seen The Croods yet, watch the trailer here. Once you've seen it, you'll want to see the whole movie. It's fun and action packed while still being full of heartwarming moments. 

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    • asereht1970 profile image

      asereht1970 3 years ago

      I have watched it with my niece and nephews and enjoyed it immensely. Great review.