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Tips for an Ultra Independent Artist to Produce A Quality Music Project

Updated on April 3, 2017


Everybody's road will be different in creating a musical project/CD that they can be proud of. I have walked this path several times and find the journey to be a welcome challenge and very creative. It took me down roads that opened my heart and gave me strength, it also challenged me as a human being --and finally-- it gave my character a boost. Below are some of the simple and not so simple tips for creating a final product.

Photo: KGR in the studio by P Roc
Photo: KGR in the studio by P Roc


1. Dedicate yourself to a finished project...the art of completion is the most important aspect of creating a great project that you can be proud of.

2. Set yourself a loose time line for completion

3. Explore ways to work with other musicians and producers who are looking to get their work out into the world...and collaborate with them...I find soundcloud a wonderful place to find producers from all over the world who were willing to work with me for free on our own creative terms...Reverbnation is also another place to research this topic and find like minded creative people

4. When you have found people that you feel you can work with...draw up a collaborators agreement stating the share of the song ownership and shares of future revenues and song credit.

5. Choose at least 10 tracks from one or a combination of various musical producers...choose tracks that have a high quality or a strong production component

6. Write 10 original songs

7. Find a reasonably priced studio in your area to record in. I live in LA, I work out of The Invisible Studios in West Los Angeles...I found this studios and engineers by doing the research online

8. Prepare yourself before you go into the studio to save time and money...have all songs written and ready to be recorded from start to finish...break it up into two or three 2 hour sessions

9. Select and or graphic artwork from either your own collection or have a friend or another artist looking to get their work out there to produce something for you.

10. Have the producers of the songs mix and create final tracks for you...this should be included in the collaborators agreement

11. Find the most inexpensive way to master the the research...this might be the most expensive part of the project...check the prices from the studio you do your vocals in. You can also ask the producers or collaborators to split the cost with you!

12. If you are interested in creating physical CD's : Create a final packaged product through Disc Makers..I like this company for all of the different options in duplication

13. When the project is complete and ready for the an account on CD Baby if you do physical duplication! ...I find this to be the best place for independent artists to get their music out and get it to all or most of the online marketplaces...again do the research...I have worked with company since 200. You can also your music on iTunes -- once again do the research!

14. Find creative ways of self marketing you music the research and link your websites or blogs to as many musical portals as possible...and of course set yourself up on all of the social networks

**I hope these tips are informative and help you along the way...have fun first and foremost...if I come up with anything else I will be sure to come back to this article and update it for you the reader!

photo: by Karen Gibson Roc
photo: by Karen Gibson Roc

Things To Remember Along The Way

The first and most important thing to remember while you endeavor to create something you believe in wholeheartedly is never to judge the work...believe in yourself and your creative talents...don't let anyone destroy your courage and determination to get things done...there will be challenges...they are a part of life...don't get discouraged and impatient...see it through...take little steps...don't overwhelm yourself with to do lists that bust at the seams...doing one thing a day is perfect.

Second...don't worry about how much it will cost or how much money you will make...just get it done...everything else will fall into place...wrangle your friends and family to help along the way.


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    • karengibsonroc profile image

      Karen Gibson Roc 5 years ago from Los Angeles

      @express10 thank you very much!!!!

    • Express10 profile image

      H C Palting 5 years ago from East Coast

      This is a good hub with great suggestions. There are many musicians in this country and around the world who can benefit from your hub. Voted up and useful.

    • karengibsonroc profile image

      Karen Gibson Roc 6 years ago from Los Angeles

      @Sassanach!! thank you for sharing your very personal journey!!! I have a 4 year old and I am doing my best to allow her choices to guide and direct me in helping her direct her creativity...she is my joy!!! i feel your warmth and i look forward to staying connected!! have a great day!! please feel free to send me a message if you have any other questions that you might want sounds like you are beginning a new journey:):) have fun!!! that's the most important thing!!

    • profile image

      Sassanach 6 years ago

      Hi Karen,I've purchased CDs off CD Baby and will look at yours too. Terrific advice on this blog, thank you. I'm an obssesive music fan and my 16 year old daughter Madeleine, is quite a talent. Please don't think I'm one of these parents who champion their children blindly. I'm a Kiwi, we're very down to earth. Mads played her ukelele and sung along to her favourite tunes for a while then decided to pick up her 11 year old brother's guitar (3 years worth of lessons, pretty good) and within a month had far surpassed him. I'm a little freaked out by how good she is and don't want to get ahead of myself, so am just letting it be real organic at this stage. I can't even influence her musically, she knows her mind. Although i did buy her Coldplay - A Rush of Blood etc today. She won't listen to her old man's music (means father in New Zealand)I'm into Wilco, Radiohead, Go Betweens, and lots of others. Anyway your post is very relevant and thought provoking. I'll continue to read your hubs with interest.

    • karengibsonroc profile image

      Karen Gibson Roc 6 years ago from Los Angeles

      @realhousewife thanks for reading!! Hope ur daughter can benefit!! Have a great day!!!

    • RealHousewife profile image

      Kelly Umphenour 6 years ago from St. Louis, MO

      Awesome! Really fun read - my oldest sings! I'll show this to her!