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Titanic Movies - Movies About The Titanic

Updated on February 2, 2015

Movies About The Sinking Of The Titanic

There are a lot more movies about the Titanic than the James Cameron movie "Titanic" which just about everyone has seen or at least heard of. Indeed, the story of The Titanic is a fascinating one, and one which taught us a lot of lessons when it comes to maritime safety.

This page will reveal to you a lot more Titanic movies and documentaries, and should be of interest for anyone who is fascinated by this famous ship and it's ill fated maiden voyage.

The sinking of the Titanic on 14th April 1912 was an event that made news around the world, and in a few weeks we will be commemorating the centenary of the loss of this great ship.

People were stunned to hear that the largest ship ever built, one that was claimed to be unsinkable, had gone to the bottom of the ocean, and taken with it over 2,000 poor souls who froze to death in the bitter waters of the North Atlantic.

This tragic event is one that has fascinated people for the last 100 years, and has resulted in a number of movies being made, as well as many documentaries.

This page will introduce to you the best and the worse of the movies about the Titanic, as well as the documentaries that have been produced about her.

The Titanic At berth in Southampton is from

Titanic Movies

Titanic (1997) - The Ultimate Movie About The Titanic

Directed by James Cameron and starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet, this $200 million spectacular production took the world by storm when it was released in 1997.

With actual scenes of the Titanic resting at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean, and a wealth of actual events from the epic voyage interspersed with the love story of Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio) and Rose (Kate Winslet), this movie is by far the best version of this story.

The movie has grossed over $1 billion at the box office, and won 11 Oscars, equalling the record set by Ben Hur in 1959.

A Night To Remember (1958) - A personal favorite of mine.

I was in my early teens and had never imagined anything like this could ever happen. One evening I was sat watching the television, which only had 2 channels, and I caught this movie soon after it had started. The story that unfolded fascinated me, as well as shocking me. Yes I admit that I cried when the ship went down.

Directed by Roy Ward Baker and starring Sir Kenneth More and Honor Blackman, this 1958 movie was based on the best selling book A Night To Remember by Walter Lord, and was created out of public interest in the real story of the Titanic, rather than the rather fanciful version as told in the 1953 movie "Titanic".

The movie has some great scenes, and greatly depicts acts of bravery, such as the band continuing to play to the last as the ship was going down.

For anyone who has not seen this version and is only familiar with the James Cameron one, I highly recommend it.

Other Movies About The Titanic

The sinking of the largest ship ever built and which was supposed to be unsinkable, has generated many movies and television productions over the last 100 years.

The best are spotlighted above, but here are some of the other movies about the Titanic that you may enjoy watching.

Raise The Titanic - A fictional salvage operation, but well worth watching.

This is not a factual movie about the Titanic, instead it's based on a book by Clive Cussler, which has his hero Dirk Pitt involved in locating the wreck of the Titanic and salvaging a fortune of a rare material.

By a cruel twist of fate, the movie was due to premiere at the same time as the actually wreck of the Titanic was found. Between that and fans of Clive Cussler not being happy that the movie didn't completely follow the plot of the book, it did not fare well at the box office.

However, if you enjoyed watching movies like The Poseidon Adventure, this is definitely a good movie to watch, with plenty of suspense and drama as the plot unfolds.

Titanic - The Definitive Documentary Collection + BONUS

This "must have" documentary set consists of five programs, that include original footage of the Titanic, interviews with survivors, memorabilia, and analyses the myths and legends that surround the ship, from it's launch through to it's final moments.

Did You Know?

At the time the Titanic sailed from Southampton there was a General Strike and high unemployment.

Many local men signed on to find work, and lost their lives as a result.

There were not many in the city who didn't know a family who had lost someone when the ship sank.

The connection with Titanic to Southampton means a lot to me, especially as I live in the city of Southampton, and there are so many places with links to the great ship all over the city.

These include the new Sea City Museum, which was opened in 2012, 100 years after the ship left on it's maiden voyage.

There is also the Titanic Memorial, as well as a memorial to the Engineers who took jobs on The Titanic and as a result lost their lives.

On the east side of the city, in the village of West End, is where Arthur Henry Rostrom lived. He was the captain of the Carpathia, the first vessel to reach the survivors from The Titanic. There is a memorial to him in the village church, and also a street named for him.

Another resident of West End, James Jukes, was an engineer on the ship. He was seen to dive into the freezing water before the ship went down, and his body was never found. There is also a street named after him in the village.

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    • profile image

      othellos 4 years ago

      "Raise the Titanic" was the first movie I saw about this famous ship and started searching the area. I saw all the movies you mention in your lens, maybe more than once. Excellent job! Thanks for sharing:=)

    • Scarlettohairy profile image

      Peggy Hazelwood 5 years ago from Desert Southwest, U.S.A.

      I had no idea there were so many movies about the Titanic. Great job, Tony!

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      Believe it or not, I haven't seen Cameron's Titanic (well to be exact I only watched the sinking part for the special effects). I also enjoyed a lot the new Titanic mini serie by the guy who did Downton Abbey.

    • junecampbell profile image

      June Campbell 5 years ago from North Vancouver, BC, Canada

      My favorite is the first movie that came out in the fifties.

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      didn't know there was other titanic movies

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