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Tooth Fairy Videos - For Grown-Ups Only

Updated on February 27, 2014

Enjoy a Few Fun Vids!

While researching my other articles in this niche, I ran across a lot of videos. Some of them were silly and some of them were spooky, not all were geared toward kids. Many were geared toward teens or adults. They were a diverse group ranging from cartoons to homemade videos to Hollywood productions. Most of them were pretty funny, and I got inspired to make a page just about all the tooth fairy videos that are out there on the internet.

A lot of the clips just were not appropriate for children. I did not want to expose kids to these things, but I wanted to make them available for older teens and grown ups who wanted to see them. I thought it could be fun to have them all in one place.

Most of the clips on this lens are not suitable for young children. A number of horror movies have utilized the tooth fairy as a frightening character. Please use caution before allowing children to view the videos on this page. Some of the images and plots could be very scary to a young child. Others deal with adult themes.

WARNING: Some videos contain adult themes, violence or strong language. Parental guidance is suggested.

If you are looking for Tooth Fairy Videos for Children, please click the link below!

Funny Videos

Stuart and the Tooth Fairy from Mad TV. Parents may find some elements in this video to be inappropriate for children.

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Confessions of a Tooth Fairy

This is a funny sketch performed by Melinda Hill and Kristen Wiig at The Groundlings Theater in Hollywood, CA.

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Spooky Videos

The Tooth Fairy

This is a horror movie about an evil tooth fairy who lives alone in the woods. She lures innocent children to her decrepit house, steals their teeth and mutilates their bodies.

This film has not gotten good reviews, but if you are looking for a vampire movie with a lot of blood and some sex, this one might appeal to you. Check out the trailer, and if you like it you can see more by clicking the link below.

Tooth Fairy, The (abe)
Tooth Fairy, The (abe)

May not be the best horror movie ever made, but if you like a lot of blood and gore, this might be terrific entertainment!


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Tooth Fairy Horror

This video is acclaimed short film inspiration for Sony's DARKNESS FALLS, written & directed by Joe Harris.

WARNING: This video is not suitable for viewing by young children.

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Darkness Falls - A Horror Movie

If you liked this clip, you might enjoy the movie it inspired, Darkness Falls. Click the link to see more!

Darkness Falls (Special Edition)
Darkness Falls (Special Edition)

A kindly woman, who used to give children gold coins in exchange for their lost baby teeth, was hanged for a murder she didn't commit; in her last moments she laid a curse on the town (which has the unlikely name of Darkness Falls). So over the years the ghost of this woman has murdered various children because they saw her when she came to collect their teeth. In the present day, a boy who evaded her clutches returns to town as an adult in order to help the young brother of his childhood sweetheart.


I Killed the Tooth Fairy

This is a gruesome comedy video with a dark theme. I put it in the "spooky" category, because it kind of scares me to think anyone would find it funny.

Warning to parents, it is not suitable for children. Possibly not really suitable for anyone.

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What is Your Favorite Tooth Fairy Video of All Time?

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    • linhah lm profile image

      Linda Hahn 5 years ago from California

      I liked Confessions, but also thought I Killed the Tooth Fairy was weird and funny.

    • Virginia Allain profile image

      Virginia Allain 6 years ago from Central Florida

      I enjoyed the Confessions of the Tooth Fairies, but was too chicken to watch the really scary ones. I've never liked horror.