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Tribbles: A Useful Pet to Have Around

Updated on June 24, 2017

I may not be an all out Trekkie but I do have certain things that my help qualify me as a close runner up. The first is the Star Trek cartoon series that I spent many years tracking down. The other is the tribble. Unknown to the world at large this is one of those cute fuzzy things that I had wanted since I say them as a kid. Unfortunately I could never find them when I was at the local stores. Many years passed and still nothing. So they got put on the back burner. Finally I saw them. But you can't take them out of the museum without escort and a shiny pair of hand cuffs and a ride downtown.

So how did I finally get a tribble you are wondering. Easy my sister found it. That's right I had given up looking. Now isn't that how it always happens. Just when you give up looking, Boom its there. Either wrapped up or under the Christmas tree. In this case I think wrapped up. And the batteries included. So with my sister looking on I opened the Tribble and gave it a chance to breath once again. or in this case to vibrate and make noise. And just in case you were wondering the noise it makes is the angry sound. The one that they make when there is a Klingon near by.

Being the good person that I am I took my tribble to work. Where handled and adored by many. That is until you got it to make the sound. IT Was Amazing how many Klingon's I worked with. You could also tell who the Klingon spies were as they were the ones that would knock the tribble off the cube wall and make it hit the floor. Of course my tribble would always let me know that a Klingon spy was near by just by the sound it made. Trust me A tribble is a good companion to have about. Especially at the work place where you never know who is about.

In the good news I am no longer around so many Klingon spies. My new place of employment I made sure to check out with my tribble. At no time did anyone cause my tribble to become upset. So it looks like with a little help from my tribble I have found a better place to work.

As you can see they are not just cute and fuzzy they are also a handy pet to have around. Just make sure that the batteries are fresh and ready to go.

Here are three more fun tribble items to add to my collection. Yes I admit it I don't have these yet. Alright the slippers are not a major item on my shopping list. But I liked the way they looked and therefor got added to my list.

Star Trek The Trouble With Tribbles Collectible Plate
Star Trek The Trouble With Tribbles Collectible Plate

Its not the Dr. McCoy plate but the tribbles in a small way make up for that.


Below are two of my favorite scenes from the Star Trek Trouble with Trebbles episode. The first is when the tribbles fall on Kirk. And the second is the final scene of the show. You get to watch it to find out why.

The Trouble with Tribbles 2008 Hallmark Ornament
The Trouble with Tribbles 2008 Hallmark Ornament

I could see having this one hanging at work not just the Christmas tree.


And remember it was not just the live action Star Trek that the tribbles made an appearance.



Small, fuzzy and cute creatures that only seam to eat and make more balls of fur.

To partly quote Scotty. It would be no trebble at all to leave a comment.

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    • PaigSr profile image

      PaigSr 3 years ago from State of Confussion

      @Donna Cook And yes it to is mine. I can watch Star Trek once a week here on old time TV. Again showing my age I actually made the model of the Deep Space Station K7 from that show.

    • profile image

      Donna Cook 3 years ago

      "The Trouble with Tribbles" is my very favorite episode of the original Star Trek series. There are probably a hundred quotable lines from this one episode; Chekhov about quadro triciale-"a Russian in-wention.", Bones about their reproduction "they're born pregnant" and Kirk "will somebody please shut this door."