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There are things to do when you are having a bad day.

Updated on September 22, 2011

The day leaves you looking like this.

Overcoming a bad day

1. if you can take a moment and close your eyes for five minutes while thinking of nothing.

-If you have ever tried to do this then you realize that it is harder than it sounds. Especially if you are a woman, we never seem to have that moment where our mind is quiet. I will have my eyes closed for 5 seconds and start thinking about dinner, the dishes that need washed, the loads of laundry to do, wondering if my kids will ever clean that disaster area called their room, and then there is their grades, the after school activities, and the 20 lbs of fat that I want to lose. Trying to quiet your mind is exceptionally hard, and then there are days when you look at your partner and ask what are you thinking and they say nothing...In your mind you are like how can they not be thinking of anything, so then you start thinking about things for them.

So my tip to achieve this state of mental clarity is to just simply focus on deep belly breathing.

2. Find one of your flaws and light heartily turn it into something that you can laugh about...

For me, the biggest thing that I am self-conscience of is my breasts, in all honestly I have seen women in their eighties with perkier mammary glands. In your twenties your breast shouldn't look like empty tube socks with bowling balls hanging in the end to you knees. If I don't have a supportive garment on it I trip over them and that is very embarrassing. I love women that have smaller perkier breasts that tell me they wish theirs were the size of mine, I always tell them that mine are mainly skin.

3. Find a funny TV show or movie that makes you laugh....I prefer Smallville, the Addams Family, Any thing along the cutesy line of anime, and any thing with Adam Sandler in it.

4. Exercise, this for some scientific reason releases chemicals into the brain that promote happiness.

5. Try to make your mate smile and they might do the same for you.

6. Find someone who is worse shape than you...and no this isn't to laugh at them, instead try to make them smile. Trying to cheer others up will make you happy by the end of the day.

7. Google the I have humans comic and laugh your butt off.

8. Watch the foamy the squirrel cartoons and realize that little squirrel is way mad about kind makes you laugh when a squirrel tells you to get a grip.

9. Never under estimate the power of youtube to make you laugh...don't believe me? Look up lawnmower Steve.

10. Volunteer your time to help someone else...Stop focusing on you.

11. Remember that tomorrow is a new day and have faith that it will go better.

Oh and try to do all of this with a smile.


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