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10 FUN things to do when children say they are "Bored"

Updated on March 9, 2016

Get ready for some fun times!

I am going to do this like a countdown to the new year! Many children will adore you and think you are super smart for cooking up these great games and things to do! So go ahead and use these ideas and get all the credit, because I am happy to spread the good times..LOL ..ENJOY

10. Glow In The Dark Hide And Seek: Get out Your flashlights or Go to the dollar store and get lots of those glow in the dark bracelets and necklaces then have the children put on their gear. Turn all the lights off in the house. Have one person count to 20 and the rest hide, If they are too hard to find the child gets to say "give me a hint!". Then the other children say yoo hoo! You can also do this with a Marco Polo Version. (For the older children, little ones don't like the dark)

9. Have The Children Make A Dream Board: Its like a collage of things. The children keep it in their rooms and look at it and it helps them to make right choices. you need construction paper, glue, scissors and old magazines they can cut out and put fresh veggies on there and things that are good for them or whatever you want really, people meditating etc to help calm them, for dream boards I wouldn't recommend scary stuff or too much can also add words on the board like LOVE, RESPECT, HARMONY.. ETC.

8. Snowball Fight! This one uses lots of energy and is a great indoor or outdoor activity. Get lots of old newspapers or recycled paper. Split the children into groups or kids against parents? Put the paper in a few piles and the wad up the paper and throw it at one another! The paper doesn't hurt and its is so fun ...once you get going, before you know it you are dogging and ducking imaginary snowballs and the kids are try to throw them harder. Tip: the tighter you wad the paper the better they fly ;)

7. Memory Whist Classic Memory Game: Get a deck of playing cards and turn several facing down have the children take turns to flip them over and match them up.

6. Shuffle Board Caps: Use some poker chips and a piece of cardboard for the base or you can also use the wood floor or coffee table. Make a cute finish line up with stuffed animals. Have the children flick with their finger the caps to the finish line. The one thats the closest wins!

5. Nickel and Dime Dictionary: Get out some spare laundry change tell the children to get the dictionary out and they will receive a nickel for every word you choose to have them read from the dictionary. They have to look the word up and read the meanings. Tell them they will receive a dime if they can recite the word without looking correctly.Talk about a really great way to enhance Children's vocabulary!

4. Hide and Seek Stuffed Animals: The younger ones love this one! Take a stuffed toy and hide it and have the children or child find it. The Children love it if you play along too, so let them hide the stuffed animal and you go and find it.

3.Motor Boat: If the kiddo's need to expend some energy and are getting fussy do this one! Everyone gets in a circle and holds hands standing up and they sing this song while they walk one direction: It goes like this; Motorboat motorboat go so slow, motorboat motorboat go so fast (walk faster)motor boat motorboat step on the gas!( Run) Now Crash! (Then you all fall down and laugh :) Its pretty cute, you are guaranteed lots of giggling. The parent must do this one with the children for safety, please make sure you have some room to do it so you can all fall down.

2. Veggie Tale Snacks: Get some veggies and start talking with them. Say "Hi" How Are You" like a tall bell pepper or a carrot ..then take a bite out of one and say ouch! Then your child face lights up and is laughing. Give a carrot to the child and let them talk with the veggie too. This encourages them to eat one. Walla! quality time and an instant veggie lover ;)

1. Valentines: It is coming up! Anytime is a good time to celebrate your loved one. You can make some valentines cards with hearts together. Get some red finger paint and paint the child's feet or hands and imprint them on the cards. On valentines day you can use red food coloring and add it to pancakes or drinks. You can purchase some strawberry"Quick" and put a strawberry on the side.


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  • mindyjgirl profile image

    Mindy 6 years ago from Cottage Grove, Oregon

    Thank You Mark :) This is such a fun way to help others and exspress ourselves. As an offcial follower of you, I like your poetry and hubs! I am a Painter as well, I belong to the Cottage Grove Art Guild, here is the link