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10 Ways Keep Your Kids Entertained Anytime of the Year!

Updated on July 22, 2019

Hop scotch idea ~ Circles


How to have fun with your kids

Parents need to really relax and have fun with their children, at times its OK to just play with them, it is good for their motor skills and self confidence when you let loose of the reins so to speak occasionally and become engaged, they will build trust in you as well. Children have a natural tendency to be curious and ready to explore, so lets nurture that. Do not expect things to be perfect, and make a child do things perfectly or "correctly". This is play time and its for fun! Try a little less criticism and more praise. Encourage creative talents and accept their limitations. HAVE FUN!!

How to make a Paper Airplane

Cute as PIE lets bake something together!

Where would you go?

If you had a few hours in a day what would you do with the children?

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Ten fun things you can do right now!

  1. Grab some smooth rocks and make pet rocks! Paint cute pictures on them or use washable markers.
  2. Design paper airplanes and use erasable markers to design and color the plane before take-off and have a paper airplane contest with a target too.
  3. A classic game of Hide and seek count to ten and find them its great for counting skills and motor skills as well. you can do this inside or outside! What is really fun for us is a new and improved version of hide and seek ...
  4. Glow in the Dark hide and seek this is for older kiddos, they love it in the winter when it gets dark here at about 6pm we play for a good couple hours!! We turn off all the lights in the house and use glow sticks in the house to find the hiders.
  5. Start a Marco Polo game inside the house or in the Pool! I have listed a link below of how to play it :)
  6. Hide and seek stuffed animals, the little ones LOVE this game. I take a stuffed animal and hide it and we go around the house together, or with siblings and try to find it. We find their stuffed animal and luv it up and start again.
  7. Start a Hop scotch game, you can put glow sticks that you get from the dollar store on the floor or outside and use them for squares or circles to hop in, the kids love this one too!

#8 Get Cracking!

8. Baking or cooking class, I actually let the girls break the eggs! I have a separate container for them to break eggs in so that the egg shells don't get in the actual mix when we put it in the bigger bowl. Then they rinse their hands off for the next step. (While I pick out the egg shells) You would be surprised at how many kids do not know how to cook and it is so fun for them to learn! Make sure they are not being over criticized, then it makes things not so fun. I always tell them great job! You are a great cook and will make a wonderful chef.

Keeping the children entertained

In today's world T.V. is a big part entertainment, but there are some more ways to keep children happy and having fun, and expanding their horizons all at same time!! Many times children will say"we are bored" or say they have nothing to do, when there is a plethora of things they can be doing, it is just getting them started and engaged. If you simply just get the activity going you will find that it only takes a few minutes of your time, you will get them excited about an activity. In the beginning you will want to give them your undivided attention. So they know you really care about what you are about to do, don't let yourself be interrupted by your cell phone, set the phone down for 20 minutes. You might have some separation anxiety at first, but after a while you feel a little free and look forward to your phone free time with the kids.

Walk with the kids

#9 Walk and Talk

It doesn't cost much and it is one of the best things you can teach a child! A good habit of walking daily means they will have good health and mental health as well. Many studies have shown that a daily walk and stave off many forms of mental health issues as well as stimulate the brain and senses. If its raining bring an umbrella, if it is snowing wear coat & gloves, but get out there and see your world in a new season.

Pizza Bar

#10 Have a theme party on Friday!

  • Have a Luau! Make leis with silk flowers, cut up some fruit together, put on some Hawaiian music and learn the hula hand gestures. Then you could watch Lilo and Stitch.
  • Japanese Themed party you can talk Japanese, konnichiwa means good afternoon. You can snack on fruit roll ups with fresh fruit rolled in them like sushi style. or even try some real sushi from the market together. Wear kimonos and put chopsticks in your hair!
  • Mexico Themed party speak Spanish Ho-la (Hello) and learn a few Spanish words, make enchiladas and get out some maracas, or make homemade maracas out of paper rolls and rice or small peas.
  • Italian you can have the kids help you make homemade meatballs for spaghetti, or make a pizza bar with their choices of toppings. Play a Dean Martin music CD with That's Amore, Create a leaning tower of Pisa with one of those 3 d puzzles together or a puzzle of Pisa.
  • France talk French say "oui", "mon cheri" (yes my darling) and make up some creme brulee, you could modify it and just make some vanilla pudding or make some Madeline's. Wear boas and fun hats and do a mini French photo shoot with your own cameras. Throw an fancy zebra sheet over the couch and Walla you have a fun background!

Hula Hand Gestures

More Luau ideas

  • Invite friends over for potluck
  • Have a table for making leis, silk flowers and string. They have safe plastic needles you can buy at walmart too for kids.
  • Have a hula hand gestures tutorial learning session.
  • Learn some of the hawaiian language too

Activity ideas Year Round

Snow Men & Cocoa
Water Balloons
Airplanes & Kites
Hike in the woods
Leaf Rubbings
Dream Boards
Flower Arranging
Apple Cider
Reading books
Feeding the Ducks
Making Applesauce
Planning a vacation
Fall Drive
Snow Angels
Campfire Stories
Jumping in leaves
Gardening & Salsa
Raking Leaves
Making homemade gifts
Sharing your produce
Baking Bread & Soups
Picnics & Smores
Making School Snacks
Game Night or Cards
Dominoes & Puzzles

Many of these activities can be mixed around in other seasons.


Swimming with dolphins!
Swimming with dolphins! | Source

© 2014 Mindy Bench


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