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100 Popular Puerto Rican Baby Names

Updated on May 7, 2014
100 Popular Puerto Rican Baby Names for Boys and Girls
100 Popular Puerto Rican Baby Names for Boys and Girls

Puerto Rican baby names in America have quite a bit of variety to them.

The names are usually Spanish but there are also ones that are simple, old fashioned, English-type names, like "Marylou" or "Ernest."

You will notice that most of the Spanish baby names are also interchangeable with Italian and Portuguese names.

This is simply because all of these people are Latin in origin and have linguistic commonalities.

Puerto Ricans have European blood in them, and so these names also reflect that.

Here is a list of some popular Puerto Rican baby names Puerto Ricans give their children, whether they are on the U.S. mainland or on the island.

Mixed Babies

Your child's ethnic identity will be greatly enhanced by these baby names. And if you are having a child that is half black and half Puerto Rican, for example, or half white and half Puerto Rican, you will see that many of these names will work for both cultures.

Puerto Rican Baby Boy Names

  1. Alejandro

  2. Alonzo

  3. Alfie

  4. Angel

  5. Antonio

  6. Bert

  7. Carlito

  8. Carlos

  9. Cesar

  10. Cisco

  11. Diego

  12. Edgar

  13. Eduardo

  14. Enrique

  15. Ernest

  16. Franco

  17. Francisco

  18. Hector

  19. Herman

  20. Hernando

  21. Ignacio

  22. Javier

  23. Jesus

  24. Jose

  25. Juan

  26. Julio

  27. Manny

  28. Manuel

  29. Maurice

  30. Nestor

  31. Norbert

  32. Orlando

  33. Oscar

  34. Pablo

  35. Pedro

  36. Ponce

  37. Raymundo

  38. Raul

  39. Rico

  40. Rio

  41. Ronaldo

  42. Ruben

  43. Salvador

  44. Sancho

  45. Santiago

  46. Teyo

  47. Tito

  48. Toro

  49. Vincente

  50. Vito

Puerto Rican Baby Girl Names

  1. Alma

  2. Ana

  3. Ava

  4. Blanca

  5. Carlita

  6. Carmen

  7. Concepcion

  8. Consuela

  9. Corazon

  10. Cristina

  11. Elvira

  12. Esmerelda

  13. Eva

  14. Evita

  15. Flavia

  16. Florita

  17. Guadalupe

  18. Helena

  19. Inez

  20. Isabel

  21. Jacinta

  22. Jimena

  23. Jorgelina

  24. Juanita

  25. Lola

  26. Louise

  27. Lourdes

  28. Luz

  29. Magdalena

  30. Manuela

  31. Maria

  32. Maribel

  33. Marisol

  34. Marylou

  35. Monita

  36. Natividad

  37. Paloma

  38. Paz

  39. Pilar

  40. Puebla

  41. Rosa

  42. Salma

  43. Soledad

  44. Sonora

  45. Tea

  46. Teresa

  47. Ursala

  48. Valentina

  49. Veronica

  50. Vida

Spanish Classic La Paloma


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