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172 Fun Things and Crazy Activities To Do With Kids

Updated on January 29, 2017

Bringing up a kid involves becoming a better kid yourself. This list of fun activities might may embarrassing, it might be uncomfortable, it might seem silly; but the more you do these with your kids, the more in touch you will be with your kids and their childhood. Each of this touch gives your kid substance, verifies his presence and value, and makes him feel special, giving him memories that will last forever.

1. Go on a nature walk and collect different things. Make a collage.

2. Go to a pond in the park and feed the ducks.

3. Do some hula-hooping

4. Finger painting

5. Blow bubbles on a child's belly

Collage with things from nature
Collage with things from nature | Source

6. Read some comic books

7. Wear some crazy and funny socks

8. Chase the ice-cream truck

9. Draw with chalk on the cement floor

10. Dress up and have play pretend

11. Experiment with Make up

12. Do some crayon arts

13. Fly a kite

14. Catch fish from the drain

15. Climb the tree

16. Blow and give balloons to people

17. Play fire crackers

18. Buy a very cool lunch box to bring to bring to school

19. Play hop-scotch

20. Have a water balloon fight

21. Have a water fight with the garden hose

22. Hold a baby chicken in your hand and place it against your cheek

23. Set up a track and play remote control car

24. Set up a track and play remote control helicopter

25. Racing remote control cars

26. Learn some magic tricks and put on a show

27. Look for shapes in the clouds

28. Make a bridge across a stream.

29. Make a tent over your bed with sheets and pegs

30. Play cops and robbers

31. Play hide-and seek

32. Play kick the can

33. Put on some big rubber boots and go puddle-jumping

34. Racing motorized boats

35. Take the kiddie rides in the mall

36. Roll down a hill

37. Build a model train

38. Set up a treasure hunt

39. Take the child to your work place for a day

40. Play foot race

41. Skip

42. Learn to juggle

43. Hide in the bushes

44. Walk in the mud with no shoes

45. Walk anywhere with no shoes

46. Honk and wave at strangers

47. Find worms in the garden

48. Spin until you are dizzy

49. Stand on your head

50. Take off your shoes and splash your feet in a fountain

Collage with cuttings from magazine
Collage with cuttings from magazine


51. Write down your wishes in a book and check periodically to see how many has come true

52. Make play dough

53. Make popcorn and watch a movie (play “cinema at home”)

54. Watch a movie using the projector

55. Take a trip to the museum

56. Plan a picnic indoors

57. Have breakfast food for dinner

58. Bake cup cakes and have a decorating party

59. Bake cookies with creative and fun shapes

60. Paint the bedrooms

61. Hold a singing contest

62. Hold a dance contest

63. Have a photo taking contest

64. Create books using pictures from newspapers and magazines

65. Visit orphanage, bring musical instruments and put on a show

66. Make banana splits with all kinds of toppings and sprinkles

67. Make smoothies

68. Make juices with different kinds of fruits and vegetables

69. Play online games together

70. Make bubbles

T-shirt painting
T-shirt painting | Source
T-shirt painting
T-shirt painting | Source
 Dylon Fabric Paint
Dylon Fabric Paint | Source

71. Make play dough

72. Play board games

73. Design a family website

74. Bring the bike during a driving holiday trips and cycle

75. Visit the zoo

76. Go rollerblading

77. Attend musical concerts

78. Press flowers, make cards and book marks

79. Draw pictures and mail to close relatives

80. Write a letter to far away grandmother

81. Play charades

82. Decorate a small notebook and write daily journal

83. Decorate a small notebook and write daily thank you list for things to thank for the day

84. Collect rocks, leaves, sticks and paint them

85. Paint on a T-shirt

86. Do yoga with kids

87. Rent a dance video and learn a new dance

88. Feed the birds

89. Wash the family cars together

90. Make necklace, bracelet, earrings etc with macaroni

91. Visit a farm

92. Fishing a pond

93. Go sea fishing

94. Go squid jiggling

95. Arrange photo albums

96. Buy a stamp album and arrange stamps

97. Do brain teasers

98. Make birthday or gift cards with things from the garden

99. Play card games

100. Decorate or paint clay pots from the garden

101. Plant flowers in the decorated pots

102. Do jigsaw puzzles

103. Sleep outside under the stars

104. Make paper bag puppets

105. Make potato stamp art

106. Play scrabble

107. Do Science experiments

108. Create a secret family code

109. Create a family language

110. Read a joke book

111. Go bowling

112. Play indoor golf

113. Play indoor bowling

114. Have a fashion show at home

115. Study a topic and hold a debate

116. Visit an auction

117. Learn to use a compass

118. Try to break a world record

119. Ride horses

120. Play Frisbee

121. Build a small igloo with snow

122. Run in the rain

123. Cycle in the rain

124. Cycle over puddle of water

125. Walk or hike through the forest

126. Look for rare species in the forest

127. Rare a caterpillar and see how it turns into a butterfly

128. Go camping

129. Visit a fire station and take a tour (Call the station earlier to make arrangement)

130. Plant a garden

131. Make musical instruments out of items in the house

132. Decorate picture frames with sea shells or things from the nature

133. Paint with water colours

134. Make paper dolls that look like each child

135. Create a scrapbook together

136. Make homemade ice-cream

137. Sing songs together

138. Make a gingerbread house

139. Cut out pictures from magazines and make a collage

140. Let the child help you make breakfast, lunch or dinner

141. Make a paper cup telephone

142. Make crafts with popsicle sticks

143. Go for a walk after the rains and stomp in the puddles

144. Ride bikes together and explore the area near the house

145. Go watch a movie in the cinema

146. Plan a family vacation together

147. Read a book together

148. Write a story together

149. Make a bird house or pine cone bird feeder

150. Make Christmas tree decorations

151. Have a barbeque in the backyard

152. Have a tea party

153. Write a poem

154. Go to a professional sporting event

155. Draw on a T-shirt with markers

156. Write a journal

157. Put on a puppet show

158. Take silly family pictures

159. Make a cereal necklace, bracelet and earrings

160. Play out a princess story

161. Ride a boat in the pond or river

162. Build a snowman

163. Roast marshmallows over the stove

164. Make paper airplane and have a flying contest

165. Teach a child to sew and make a blanket or a pillow

166. Make a paper plate mask

167. Start a collection together such as stickers, stamps, coins, etc

168. Make a meal that you can eat with just your fingers

169. Draw pictures with your toes

170. Paint on your fingernails or toe-nails

171. Do a crossword puzzle or word search together

172. Give them a big hug and tell them you love them very much !

tea party
tea party | Source


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