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31 Tips for How to Save Money

Updated on June 1, 2017

Money Saving Ideas to Live Within Your Budget

Many parents are finding ways to cut back on expenses so that they can live within their means and balance their budget. With only so much income coming in, and money going out for higher costs of utilities, gasoline, food, etc, there is a need to trim wherever possible. Here are 31 tips to get started--enough for one a day for the next month!

Photo by jitheshvv,
Photo by jitheshvv,

Save on Food, Consumables, and Necessities

1) Base your meals around your local grocery store sales using the ad of the week.

2) Stock up on non-perishable foods when they are on sale.

3) Use manufacturer's coupons and combine them with sales and store coupons.

4) Make a "best price" list of products frequently bought and buy when they are at the lowest price.

5) Shop online and buy items with free shipping.

6) Buy a large bottle of liquid hand soap and refill smaller pump dispensers.

7) Make your own window cleaner. Mix 2 gallons of water and 1 teaspoon of dishwashing soap, and half a cup of vinegar. Scrub with a sponge and squeegee dry.

8) Use cloth instead of paper napkins and rags instead of paper towels.

Photo by Michael Lorenzo,
Photo by Michael Lorenzo,

Minimize Bank Fees and Use Less Gasoline

Be Smart With Credit Cards

9) Avoid bank penalties by having a bank that has overdraft protection -- covering checks by transferring money from your savings if needed.

10) Find a bank with a small or no monthly fee.

11) Save on gasoline by grouping errands together and by shopping for groceries only once a week.

12) Also decrease expenses on gasoline by carpooling to work or school.

13) Pay off your highest interest credit cards first.

14) Get a credit card that earns flight miles to save on airline fares. Pay off the card each month to avoid interest.

15) Find a credit card with no annual fee.

Never spend your money before you have earned it.

Thomas Jefferson

Photo by Aleksandra P.,
Photo by Aleksandra P.,

Be Frugal and Save on Utilities, Prescriptions, and Insurance

16) Save on energy costs by using weather stripping around doors, buying newer energy efficient appliances with rebates, using LED lights, or adding insulation to your attic.

17) Instead of buying a brand name prescription, find out if a generic is available.

18) Save the computer paper from printing mistakes, and use the other side for printing (if it doesn't matter what is on the back) or use for scratch paper.

19) To save on water bills, use low flow toilets and shower heads.

20) To save on phone bills, consider using only a cell phone and cancel the landline, get a phone with prepaid minutes (no monthly fees), or use MagicJack through your computer.

21) Raise your deductible on your homeowner's and auto insurance to lower your premium costs.

Photo by Peter Szustka,
Photo by Peter Szustka,

Ideas for Cheaper Movies, TV, Books, Music, Recreation and More

22) Go to matinee movies, early bird movies before 6:00, get student or senior discounts, or buy discounted movie tickets at Costco.

23) Join to save on DVD rentals. Pay a small fee per month for unlimited movies.

24) Read library books rather than buy them.

25) Sell no longer used clothes or items in a garage sale.

26) Listen to radio shows online through live streaming.

27) Get your hair done at a local beauty (cosmetology) college for less cost.

28) Listen to free songs on Spotify or YouTube.

29) Watch TV shows on for free.

30) Cut back on cable TV to just basic. You will still get the reception, basic channels, and a few additional channels.

31) Try free recreation: bike or hike along a trail, picnic in a park, visit the beach or a lake, tour a college botanical garden, or watch airplanes land and take off at a small local airport.

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