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5 Reasons to Have Your Child Participate in VBS This Summer

Updated on June 20, 2019
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Nicole has a degree in psychology and is a mom to four sons. She has four cats, three of whom were once feral kittens found in her backyard.

1. VBS Provides An Opportunity for Kids to Learn about Jesus

The number one reason why you should sign your child up for VBS at your local (or home) church this summer is that it provides a great opportunity for him or her to learn more about Jesus! Teaching your child the truths of the Bible at home is definitely important beyond words. However, getting out in the community and learning about Jesus alongside other kids, with instruction from loving teachers and pastors, has great benefits as well. Your child will get to sing worship songs with the other kids, do crafts alongside them, and hear the truth of God's Word from other adults besides Mom and Dad! They can also see that other kids their own age are excited about having a relationship with Jesus and following Him, too!

2. VBS is Fun and Provides Good Social Interaction

VBS is fun! These are programs that staff and volunteers work very hard at making enjoyable and interactive for kids of various ages. The songs are catchy and packed with gospel truths, and engaging arts and crafts with a biblical messsge are participated in. There are usually outdoor activties provided as well, so kids can have fun and burn off lots of energy! VBS is a wonderful chance for children to make friends with peers who love Jesus as well. If your child needs more social interaction this summer or simply wants to get out of the house and have fun with other kids, a VBS summer program might be just the ticktet!

3. VBS is Free! (Or At Least, Very Low Cost!)

VBS is usually free, although some churches may charge a nominal fee to cover things like art and craft supplies or tee shirts. Who doesn't want a safe place your child can go to have a little summer fun, that is also inexpensive or even free? You really can't beat that!

4. VBS Gives Parents a Guilt-Free Break

Dropping your child off at VBS provides a nice "break" to parents during the summer, when children are often bouncing off the walls, cooped up in the air conditioning because it's super hot out! If your child is complaining of being bored and not having anything to do, taking him or her to VBS for a week will surely break up the monotony! Plus, while your child is there, it will give you a chance to run errands, go home and clean your house, spend time blogging or reading and have a little "me" time, or have a quiet time of your own with the Lord! Whatever it is you need time for, you'll probably have three or four hours in the morning to get it done just a little bit more easily, and you don't have to feel guilty for it because your child will be in safe hands and having an awesome time!

5. VBS Gives You Time to Bond One-on-One with Your Other Children

If you're like me and you have other kids who are too young for VBS, dropping your oldest off will give you time to bond in a different way with the others. When I drop off my oldest son, it gives me that one-on-one time with my younger two to read to them, play with them, and give them more attention than they might otherwise get when the oldest is around. We've been able to play in the nursery while my oldest is in his class, and the younger two found a ball pit they enjoyed frolicking in, as well as a couple new favorite books. I've also taken them on errands with me and had the chance to spend that special time together. It really can be a unique experience if you think of it that way! Then, when we pick up big brother, they get to share what the other one did all morning, and it's back to the chaos and wrestling! (Oh, the joy of boys! But I digress!) Its up to you how you choose to redeem the time, so go get a special treat with your younger ones or spend that one-on-one time playing pretend or really engaging them.

Are You or Your Child Signed Up for VBS this Summer?

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