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Affordable Summer Ideas For Bored Children

Updated on April 28, 2010

Set a date to go to the water park for hours of fun!

Children activities for the summer,alvimann,
Children activities for the summer,alvimann,

Summer vacation in a child's vocabulary translates into loads of excitement and fun and it is not surprising why most children seek these times with much eager anticipation. Don't burst your child's bubble by confessing you can't really afford taking them to that expensive summer camp, rather, think positive and simply focus on the amazing number of things your child can do without  having to spend a fortune. Watch your child get actively involved with these affordable options and have the fun of a lifetime!Following are some of the best ideas for affordable summer fun for children.

Affordable fun in the sun

Step2  Naturally Playful Sandbox
Step2 Naturally Playful Sandbox

This versatile sandbox/planter combines outdoor textures and nature's colors to offer a contemporary look in today's neighborhoods. The warm sandstone color and stone boulder textures look realistic and feature four molded-in cornerstones which provide seating. The friendly sunshine lid motif is tastefully inviting, and the lid protects sand from weather and pets. The sandbox holds 200 pounds of sand and comes fully assembled.


Affordable Ideas for Your Child's Summer Fun

Boredom ultimately is a state of mind you want to ensure you keep your child out of this coming summer. The infamous saying '' An empty mind is a devil's workshop'' should be suggestive enough to have you worrying.  Make sure you engage your child in a variety of affordable, yet affordable ideas so the steer your child clear out of trouble. 

• Visit a Water Park

When the summer heat forces you to stay locked inside with the A/C running all day and your child is begging for something to do, what better way to cool down than visiting a water park? Water parks offer a variety of water sports and many entertainment opportunities all revolving around the topic of water.  For long lasting, splashing fun, take your children for a full day to spend at the water park. Ask for summer passes for substantial savings. Make sure you go equipped with lots of water proof sunscreen and hats!

 Water Balloon FIghts

What better way to release pent up energy and cool off your kids than with a fun water balloon battle? Water balloons are latex balloons that can be filled up with water and launched towards adversaries, ultimately resulting in a soaking wet affair. Water balloons are very affordable and can often be bought at your local dollar store.

• Inflatable Pool

Who said you have to spend a fortune to get a state of the art swimming pool? With in ground pools costing thousands of dollars, you can easily set up your own pool in a few hours by investing in one of those inflatable pools that cost under $100. These pools will be a great option for all summer long and will grant the same fun at a fraction of the price. Some stores even stock whole inflatable water parks  with water slides for your yard.

Lemonade Stands

When the mercury rises and people start craving cold drinks, setting up a lemonade stand is a great idea to keep the kids occupied for a good part of the day. Let them work on squeezing the lemons and making the lemonade fresh from scratch. Get the stand ready and decide what price to set. Let your children then decide what to do with their earnings. 

•  Organized Cooking Classes

Enrolling your child in a cooking class may be quite expensive so why not teach your child to cook from the comfort of your home? Browse with your children the Internet and select some of the yummiest recipes. Print out the ingredients and schedule an outing to your closest supermarket. Organize a treasure hunt in the store by having your children find all the items you need. Then cook at home and invite a few friends to savour your culinary artwork.

• Quite Times at the Library

Most children are enamored with books and what better way to grant some peace and quiet than taking them to your local library? Many sessions are scheduled with kids in mind during the summer, so make sure you do not miss out the schedules of these happenings. Allow your child to get a stack of their favorite books so they can read for many hours once home. 

• Build a Sandbox

All it may take is a trip to Lowes and a bit of craftsmanship to make your child his or her own sand box. Simply look for pre-fabricated interlocking blocks with flat, smooth tops. Dig then four to six inches deep and cover with landscape fabric. Fill with"Play Sand" or "Sandbox Sand." and voila' the sand box is ready. In the fall, you can remove the sand and replace it with dirt to make a nice flower bed. 

As seen, there are several options to choose from in order to make sure your child is kept busy this coming summer. As anticipated as summer vacations can be, they often have a tendency to go by very fast, so make sure to makes lots of pictures for ever lasting memories. Then before school starts, you can invite your child to prepare a summer scrap book for a recollection of the the best moments.

Build Your Own Amazing Water Park and Invite Friends Over!

Banzai Jungle Blast Water Park
Banzai Jungle Blast Water Park

This giant 23 ft. long, activity-packed inflatable water slide is the perfect way to create your own rainforest adventure. Blast away with the maneuverable water cannon. Scale the climbing wall into the clubhouse area before cooling off when you race down one of the three slides and into the giant splash pool.



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    • ocbill profile image

      ocbill 7 years ago from hopefully somewhere peaceful and nice

      These sound like great things. LOL. I remember when the days were boring as a kid, they seemed especially long and would be forever, unless you were with your friends.

    • Darlene Sabella profile image

      Darlene Sabella 7 years ago from Hello, my name is Toast and Jam, I live in the forest with my dog named Sam ...

      Great ideas, my daughter like to go to learning summer vacations, I remember one year she went to Arizona when she was about 12, she was a great poet....and she loved it...thumbs up on this hub, and thanks

    • katiem2 profile image

      katiem2 7 years ago from I'm outta here

      Nice ideas oh how soon summer will be here, I can't wait and yet I hope it drags by, love the ideas. Thanks and Peace :)

    • Ms Chievous profile image

      Tina 7 years ago from Wv

      Good ideas for ahub! My son has a sand/water table and he loves it. Well actually it turns out to be a Mud table by the time he is done .. but he still has fun!