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5 Things Resumes Do For Children

Updated on February 19, 2021
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Kris Manley is a blogger, author, and speaker. She's a guest on radio in the U.S., Canada, and overseas, as well as a guest on network TV.

Book: Resumes for Children

Your child will someday need this document.

Children are involved in wonderful activities and most parents don't think about capturing their children's activities on paper. This thought may not have crossed parents' minds or maybe it never occurred to parents that someone so young could benefit from having a resume.

Resumes for children provide:

- A boost in self-esteem

- A "backpack" of skills

- Praise for their talents, gifts and abilities

- A sense that a child is more than their report card says that they are

- Career direction

  1. Adults and children alike enjoy seeing what they have accomplished written on paper whether they are authors who love seeing their story ideas in books, or artists who love seeing their paintings and drawings hung for all to enjoy. A visual representation of one's accomplishments, awards, talents, or gifts is a great self-esteem booster and builds confidence in one's self.
  2. A resume, also known as a Child Activity Brief (C.A.B.) is a tool parents can use to help provide a "backpack" of skills necessary for their children's success. When packing a child's lunch a parent naturally packs nourishing food that is good for their children's growth and development. A resume/C.A.B. provides the same. Pack activities in a child's resume that are good for their growth and development. Parents can help "drive" their children's C.A.B.s by assisting them in choosing activities that will help them behave their way to success. Encourage children to be "smart" volunteers. If they excel in certain skills or abilities find volunteer opportunities that hone these skills or abilities.
  3. Resumes begun in the early years provide a jump start for work experience, whether that work experience is opening up their own business, hiring employees, or working as an employee. Resumes for children lets them know the importance of their activities and goes passed the point of verbal praise. Children seek validation of who they are and for what they do, and if they don't get the validation from their parents they will seek it from their peers. A resume is validation from parents and that is a good thing.
  4. Employers, colleges, universities and other organizations want to know more about a person than what grades can tell. They are interested in any challenging circumstances that a child might have overcome or what activities they were a part of that impacted their community.
  5. If activities like pet sitting, volunteering at an animal shelter, or working at a pet store seem to dominate a child's free time then that child might be a budding Veterinarian, Marine Biologist, or be leaning toward a career in Animal Husbandry. If a child enjoys writing, works on the school newspaper, or is a book reviewer then he or she might be a budding Reporter, Columnist, or be leaning toward a career in Journalism or Broadcast Media.

Another consideration in developing a child's resume is that some children may not excel academically but have wonderful competencies in leadership, teamwork, or effective communication. A resume/C.A.B. can be developed based on competencies alone. Completed tasks assigned at home translate into consistency and follow-through. An area left in better condition than when it was found can translate into organization skills. Teachers may call on certain children to perform specific tasks because the teacher knows the child is dependable enough to complete the task. Parents are encouraged to be purposeful in identifying their children's competencies as well as to sit down with their children and create their resumes or what I call, their child's power on paper.

Resume building websites for children. Check them out.


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