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6 Ways to Avoid Sexual Abuse of a Child

Updated on August 31, 2020
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As a mother of two daughters, I constantly worry about them. But providing them with these amazing tips is the best way out.

When the child comes out of the mother's lap and comes in contact with the world, that is, when he goes to school, playground or tuition, the first concern of every parent is his safety. We teach everyday essential things to the child from drinking to eating, walking on the road, crossing the road, etc., but want to hesitate in giving children important information to be vigilant to avoid a serious problem like physical abuse. According to research by the Center for Disease Control, approximately one in every six boys and one in four girls have been subjected to physical abuse at some point before the age of 18. In 10% of these cases, the convict is a stranger, while in 23% of the cases, the guilty are relatives or known people.

Psychologists point out that the only way to protect a child from physical abuse is to give the child the necessary information about protecting their body. Often we think that the child is too young to know about these things. These things will have an adverse effect on his mind and brain, but if the child is properly informed about the safety and physical abuse of his body, then only you save him from being a victim. You can also take the help of a counsellor for this work.

Describe private parts

Before you tell the child about the Good Touch Bad Touch, first tell him about the private parts of the body using the right words. Just like you talk about it with eyes, nose and mouth, etc. feel free to tell children about the penis and Vagina. Also, explain to him that the private part is always covered. If the doctor also wants to check the private part, then it can be done only with the consent of the mother and the father. Let him also explain that no other person should be allowed to touch the private part.

Must provide valuable information regarding body parts

The second important thing is to give information about the body boundary to the child. Body boundary means that who can make seat the child sit on the lap or who can hug him. If the child is uncomfortable going to a relative or friend etc. then do not pressurize him. A child also has its own personality and you have to learn to respect its decisions. Tell the child that it is wrong to change clothes etc. in front of relatives and friends. Joked about personal parts is not to be tolerated. Do not make mistakes like touching the child's private parts in laughter. In these cases, always believe the words of the children, then only when in trouble, he will share his words with you.

Explain the good and bad touch.

To explain to the child a good or bad touch, tell him that no one can touch his private parts. Not only that, keep tutoring the child that if someone touches you in the wrong way, always tell the mother immediately. At the same time, it is also necessary to tell the child that he too should not touch anyone in the wrong place. Often parents hide in telling the right thing. It is also important to explain to the children that if someone touches a private part, then it is not necessary that the feeling is bad because sometimes in such cases the children may have a normal feeling or a tickle.

Make your code word

When your child is older than 5 years, you can teach him the secret code. Sometimes the child has to suffer sexual violence even with the relatives in the family. When faced with such difficulties after the creation of secret code, through code they will be able to tell their problems easily in word.

Body secret is not right.

Sometimes a friend's neighbour or relative lures the child with chocolate, toy or another favourite item to physically exploit it. Many times the person in front tells the child to keep this secret or threatens him that if he reveals this to someone, no one will love him. Many times it happens that people try to take photographs of private parts of children. To face any such situation, always talk openly with the child and explain to him that body secret is never right in any situation. The person doing this is always wrong, he cannot be your friend, and if he does something wrong, you should tell your parents immediately.

Teach how to get out of an uncomfortable situation.

Teach the child to get out of an uncomfortable situation since childhood. Prepare her to say no. If you recognize anything or any other person's behaviour towards the child is uncomfortable, teach him to refuse the person immediately. Educate the child as to how to make an excuse and get out of there and also motivate him to tell any such things to the parents as well.


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